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  • 7/2/202110:22:16 AM

    What's happening in July 2021?

    From major events like the Olympics or the European Soccer Championship to the everyday struggles of summer vacation and holiday traffic, Tickaroo's Live Blog is the perfect tool to cover any story. Set up your own liveblog in just a few steps and keep your audience always up to date. 
    In this post, we'll share 5 events in July that are perfect for digital storytelling. 
    • The Tokyo Olympics – Book your SID liveblog now via the Tickaroo MarketplaceMartin SanchezThe Tokyo Olympics – Book your SID liveblog now via the Tickaroo Marketplace
    1. EURO 2020 (June 11 to July 11)
    The European Football Championship is already in full swing, but the most exciting matches are still to come. Quite a few liveblogs cover the matches with plenty of statistics. You can stand out from the crowd by sharing particularly interesting facts about the teams and players in your liveblog.

    Use the Tickaroo Marketplace to book a liveblog from kicker and fill it with your own additions during the match. The kicker liveblog is updated regularly with the most important game events, so you can focus on adding the information that is particularly relevant for your readership. Find out how and where you can book liveblogs in our Marketplace here.

    Do you want to provide exciting soccer liveblogs for your audience even after the European Championship has ended? Tickaroo Live Blog's ready-to-use soccer template is perfect for covering any game from youth leagues to the MLS.

    Check out our website to learn more: 
    2. Plastic Bag Free Day (July 3)
    Did you know that in 2000, approximately 7 billion plastic shopping bags were used in Germany? By 2019, consumption had decreased to 1.7 billion, but there is still too much plastic in circulation. To draw more attention to the issue, the official "Plastic Bag Free Day" was launched in 2011 by the European "Zero Waste" network.

    Sustainability is not just a trend, but an omnipresent part of our everyday lives. However, many people are still looking for helpful tips on how they can contribute more in their private lives. Share useful information on reducing plastic waste in your liveblog. For example, show your readers DIY projects, how they can recycle plastic at home or how they can better do without it in everyday life. Easily incorporate social media posts from Plastic Bag Free Day or your own photos into your liveblog and show your readers how we can protect the environment together.

    As you can see, there are some interesting topics to liveblog about in July. Sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Live Blog trial account today and share your digital stories with your audience!
    3. The 2020 Summer Olympics (July 23 to August 8)
    Like the European Football Championships, the Olympics were also postponed to 2021. Starting July 23, up to 11,000 male and female athletes will compete in 33 sports and 339 different events. 

    With a large event like this, it's difficult to keep track of all the competitions. In cooperation with the Sports Information Service (SID), we are offering you an exciting deal this year: Book a comprehensive liveblog package for all competition days via the Tickaroo Marketplace, including the most important Olympic updates! (Please note: all coverage will be exclusively in German). 

    As soon as you have booked the liveblogs, you can fill them with further details at any time. Supplement the Olympic liveblogs with relevant news for your readers without missing anything.
    You can find out how to book liveblogs from SID in the Tickaroo Marketplace here.

    For more information you can find our Marketplace Tutorial here:
    4. Beginning of the Dog Days (July 23)
    If one speaks of the "dog days"  in Europe, one means the hottest days of the year between July 23 and August 23. But where does this term come from and how much truth is behind it? So-called "Bauernregeln" or "farmer's rules" and other figures of speech are ubiquitous, even if you often don't know what they mean.

    Liveblogs do not necessarily have to cover a news event but are also suitable for many other topics. With a "fun fact" blog about old farming rules like the "dog days," you're not only keeping old customs and wisdom alive but additionally appealing to new audiences.

    Also, let your readers actively participate in the liveblog and increase engagement with them by including polls. Playfully create custom personality tests, interactive videos or image galleries with Apester. You can customize your quiz or story to look and feel just the way you want. With our easy-to-use software, you can drag and drop this third-party content into your liveblog in seconds. Don't just wow your readers with your diverse content, get to know your readers better at the same time.

    Here you can find a list of third party content providers we support.
    5. DTM race at the Lausitzring (July 23 - 25)
    The second race weekend of the DTM (originally German Touring Car Masters) starts on July 23 at the Lausitzring in Klettwitz. In order to increase the brand diversity of the vehicles, a major change in the regulations came with the 2021 season.
    Thus, in addition to vehicles from Audi and BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Mercedes-AMG will also be represented in the DTM in 2021.

    With a detailed liveblog about the 2021 DTM season, you not only keep long-time fans up to date but also arouse the interest of new readers.
    You can also integrate opinions and personal comments from drivers and fans into your liveblog. Simply use our Social Search & Bookmark function to find content from the web with the search term "DTM" even faster.

    You can find all the advantages of our social search and bookmarks here:
    Do you still need tips and tricks for your first motorsport liveblog?
    In our
    free whitepaper "Live is Life: How Liveblogs Tell Stories in Real Time" you'll find useful information on how to best prepare for a liveblog. 
    Here's the link to download the whitepaper:
    6. Summer Holidays 2021
    July is one of the most popular vacation months. The most popular destinations are crowded with families, parking lots are overcrowded, and tickets are often sold out. Share information about excursion destinations near you in your liveblog, such as admission prices, the parking situation, or even insider tips about the location.

    Due to the current situation, many people prefer to "vacation at home", so families with children or people who decide at short notice will be especially pleased to receive up-to-date information in a summarized and centralized form.

    A summer holiday liveblog can be particularly useful for towns and cities. We developed our Community Live Blog especially for municipalities. Without much technical background knowledge, you can share all the important news about excursion destinations, the current traffic situation, opening hours, and other important information with citizens and visitors of your municipality. Learn how to create your own Municipal Live Blog in just 3 steps in this blog post.

    Check out how the city of Offenbach covered their city council meeting here:
    July brings many interesting events about which you can write a liveblog. Do not miss the opportunity and reach new readers through an attractive and serious liveblog. Ready to create your own? 

    Click here to sign up for your account and start writing a liveblog about an event of your choice today! 
  • 5/30/20216:22:00 AM

    What's happening in June 2021?

    Summer temperatures mean more sporting and open-air events are taking place around the world. From the 2021 European Football Championship to the solar eclipse on the 10th - this June is full of a wide variety of live-blogable events. 

    1. Roland Garros French Open in Paris (May 24 to June 13)

    The French Open is known for its long and exhausting clay court duels, where even top favorites reach their limits. As a result, even lesser-known athletes can win the French Open.

    With our ready-to-use tennis template you are perfectly prepared to inform your audience in real-time about the current match progress.

    Liveblogs are also the perfect medium to provide your readers with interesting background facts. 

    Did you know, for example, that the two main courts can accommodate a total of over 25,000 spectators, or that approximately 60,000 tennis balls are used during the three weeks? 

    With fun facts like these, you can create a personal and informative liveblog and catch the attention of tennis newcomers.

    2. Ice Hockey World Championship Semifinals and Final (June 5 and 6)

    The 84th Men's Ice Hockey World Championship 2021 began on May 21 and will conclude with the semifinals on June 5 and the grand final on June 6.

    Due to Corona measures, there have already been venue changes, adjustments to the game schedule, and quarterfinal byes for some teams.

    There were obviously quite a few shake-ups even before the World Cup started. That's why it's even more important to provide ice hockey fans with the latest information throughout the event as well.

    You can easily integrate spectacular photos, funny gifs, or videos of the most exciting situations into your liveblog. Copy the desired social media link and share it directly in your blog. A varied liveblog with up-to-date facts is what every sports fan is looking for!

    Start your ice hockey liveticker today and use our ice hockey-specific template. In close cooperation with Eishockey.net we were able to perfect this template over the past few years. As a reporter, you have optimal control over what content you want to publish in real-time.  
    As you can see, there are quite a few interesting events happening in June that are perfect for a liveblog.
    Sign up for your
    free 30-day Tickaroo Liveblog trial account today and share all the action with your audience! 

    3. Berlinale - International Film Festival (June 9 - 20)

    For the first time in the history of the Berlinale, the event will take place as an open-air event in 2021. Visitors will be able to enjoy an open-air cinema experience at 16 different venues. One of the venues will be the specially created open-air cinema on the historic Museum Island. 

    With 16 venues and many different events, it's hard to keep track. In your Berlinale Liveblog you can share all current program points with your audience. Post additional interesting facts about the different venues to make your liveblog even more attractive. Many of the cinemas have their own Instagram or Facebook channels and will also report live from the event. Build this info into your liveblog via drag & drop to collect all news about the event in one location. 

    4. European Football Championship 2021 (June 11 to July 11)

    The 16th staging of the European Soccer Championship (officially UEFA Euro 2020) will feature the 24 best national teams in Europe. The event starts with a match between Turkey and Italy on June 11, 2021 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome and ends on July 11, 2021 at Wembley Stadium in London.

    Start your personal European Championship liveblog even before the official start of the European Championship. Most of the well-known live reporters only cover the individual games. Therefore, post insider news about the participating teams, players or venues in your liveblog for a competitive edge. Increase your reach by showing your readers what's happening off the field. Let them share posts from your liveblog with a  click of a button and easily reach new readers.

    Of course, you can also report on individual games without having to be there yourself. Use the Tickaroo Marketplace to book a liveticker from kicker. Here you already have a liveblog at your disposal, which you can also share with your audience. Find out how and where to book liveblogs in the Tickaroo Marketplace here.

    Here you can find our Marketplace Tutorial:

    5. E3 2021 (June 12 - 15)

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the most famous trade shows for computer and video games. Game developers and publishers from all over the world present current and new products here.
    After the event had to be suspended in 2020, it will be held completely digitally for the first time in 2021.

    Since the convention takes place in Los Angeles, many interested parties from around the world will not be able to follow it live. You can summarize all the important news for them in your liveblog. The next morning, your readers can get the most interesting facts and updates, without having to search the Internet for a variety of sources.

    Integrate opinions and comments from professional streamers and gamers. Simply use our Social Search & Bookmark function to find content from the web even faster with the search term "E3".

    You can find all the advantages of Social Search and Bookmarks here:

    6. Royal Ascot in England (June 15 - 19)

    The first Royal Ascot race week took place in 1768 and since then it is impossible to imagine England's culture without it. Especially the "Gold Cup" on the third day of the event attracts many visitors. This race day is also known as "Ladies' Day" and the female visitors show up with extravagant hats.

    With your liveblog about the Royal Ascot, you will entertain horse lovers as well as fans of the English royal family, as every race day is opened by the entry of the royal family.

    Share with your audience the most important background information about the race as well as the latest news from the royal family. Easily incorporate images shared by racegoers on social media into your liveblog. Give your readers the feeling that they are at the race live and in person.

    With Opinary and Apester you can also create polls. Let your audience vote on which horse they would bet on or which hat was the most eye-catching.

    Take a look at the quiz on the official homepage of Royal Ascot as an example:

    7. Solar Eclipse (June 10)

    After more than six years, a solar eclipse can be observed in German-speaking countries for the first time again on June 10, 2021. Since the peculiarity of an annular solar eclipse will be visible mainly in the northern polar region, only a few will be lucky enough to experience the spectacle live.

    Why not create a kid-friendly liveblog, for example, for younger readers who won't be able to watch the special event with their own eyes? Explain to them exactly how a solar eclipse happens and include particularly vivid and interesting images of the eclipse in your liveblog. This way, you not only reach a new target group, but also contribute to the children's education.


    After the somewhat quieter spring months in the sports industry, there are again many events in June that you can report on. With well-researched background knowledge, interesting facts, and trustworthy reporting in real-time, your liveblogs can inspire and entertain your audiences.

    Looking for some more tips on creating a liveblog?
    In our free whitepaper "Live is Life: How Liveblogs Tell Stories in Real Time" we show you useful tips on how to prepare for your first liveblog, how to create posts, and how to increase your revenue and reach. 

  • 4/30/20217:44:56 AM

    What's happening in May 2021? 

    In May, you and your readers can expect a May festival, various sporting events, a special day for all mothers and fathers, a digital documentary film festival and a musical highlight.  

    In today's blog post, we'll show you how you can make these events interesting with a liveblog.  

    1. May Day Festival (May 1, 2021)  

    May Day symbolizes a celebration of joie de vivre, springtime and independence. In Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, people usually celebrate the start of May with local delicacies, good music and the crowning of the May King and Queen. However, we know that this year it will be different due to the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, we would like to use this event to show editors and journalists that it is possible to build a community through liveblogs and this kind of coverage.  

    As an alternative to May Day celebrations, love mayas (a regional term for a birch tree) are given away as proof of affection on May 1, especially in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, the Palatinate, and Austria. These love mayas are placed by male admirers at the highest point of the house - such as a balcony or chimney - by their chosen ones so that no one can steal them.  

    Report on the history of May Day in your May Day liveblog and provide interesting facts about it. In addition, you can include photos of the May Day that your readers have shared on social media in your liveblog. This way, they will get the feeling of being a part of the event. 

    2. DFB Cup semifinals (May 1 - 2, 2021)  

    The DFB Cup is drawing to a close. Borussia Dortmund or Holstein Kiel - who will score more goals in the semifinals? This is the question many soccer fans are asking themselves. The finalists will be decided as early as April 30! 
    The interest in this event is huge. That's why a sports live ticker is particularly well suited to keep soccer enthusiasts up to date in real time.
    With the ready-made soccer template from Tickaroo, you can create your own live ticker in no time. Mention all players and goals, tag penalty kicks and share all highlights of the match with your audience instantly! This is not only fun, but also saves time!  
    Easily add photos and videos to show even more of the action on the field and behind the scenes. With social media embedding, official news from the clubs is delivered to the Audience even faster. 

    This way, your readers can experience the event up close! They can also access your liveblog after the game and read the most important moments again.

    3. DOK.fest (5. - 23. May 2021) 

    Although cinemas are still closed, there is an alternative to the countless streaming platforms: the DOK international documentary film festival. Once again this year, the featured films can be viewed on screen from the comfort of your own home.  
    A total of 130 films will be available to watch online. With such a large number of films, it's not always easy to keep track. Therefore, offer your readers a program overview in your liveblog and report on the most important highlights and additional features (film talks with directors, producers and protagonists) of the event. Alternatively, you can integrate a podcast into your liveblog. This way your readers have something for their ears and can listen to Q&As or Industry Talks on the side during their daily routine. 

    Tickets for the festival program are available here:

    4. Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (May 9, 2021) 

    The Spanish Grand Prix is also held in Barcelona in May! The winding Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has a length of over 4.6 kilometers and is known for the fact that the drivers must constantly adapt to new situations. Especially because the wind direction often changes and dust is blown onto the track.  

    To make matters worse, there are hardly any overtaking opportunities. For this reason, it is all the more important that all racers drive with high concentration in order to avoid possible accidents.

    That's why there can always be unexpected moments. Share with your readers who will grab the pole position, who will win the race and who will go home empty-handed.  

    5. Mother's Day (May 9, 2021) and Father's Day (May 13, 2021) 

    Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner. Many readers are wondering, "What could I possibly give this year?" 
    With the help of your liveblog, show them that it doesn't always have to be a bouquet of flowers or a tie. With social media embedding, you can share gift ideas to buy or homemade gift inspiration from users.  
    After all, a liveblog is not only interesting for everyday news, but can also be used for special events like holidays. This adds variety and interesting content to your website.

    At Tickaroo, we know that sometimes it's hard to find the right content for you. With the improved features "Social Search" and "Bookmarks" you can find matching content to your searched keyword in seconds! 

    Here you can watch the tutorial: 

    6. Eurovision Song Contest (18 - 22 May 2021) 

    This year the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam!
    This international event reaches people from all over the world. Especially because 39 countries are participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, there is a lot to report! Start polls with Opinary and Apester for your readers in advance and let them vote before, during and after the show who their favorites are.

    Jendrik Sigwart will represent Germany at the ESC 2021. Will we win the contest?

    You really want to cover the ESC in the form of a liveblog, but don't have the time? Then book a live ticker from the dpa using the Tickaroo Marketplace. There is already a liveblog available for you! 

    You can also find other reputable third-party providers in the Marketplace, such as kicker and SID. How and where to book liveblogs can be found here in our article about the Marketplace.

    Or you can take a quick look at our tutorial!

    7. Recurring events: Day trips 

    Spring is here and everyone is getting out into nature again! Many have discovered hiking for themselves. Therefore, the question arises where to find nature-oriented hikes without having to take further detours. With a Liveticker you act as a guide for your readers and show them the best hiking trails and the most beautiful corners in your region! 

    PS: Cycling, mountain biking and inline skating are also becoming increasingly popular. Guides and routes are also welcome here. With live blogs about hiking and biking trails, you can react to trends and reach new target groups such as nature lovers. 

    There are many events you can write a liveblog about. This way you generate more traffic, the session duration increases and your website becomes more visible in search engines. This gives you the opportunity to attract new audiences. 

    However, we at Tickaroo know that there are a lot of things to consider during the first experiences with your own liveblog. That's why we want to make liveblogging as easy as possible for you and offer you our free whitepaper on "Live is Life: How Liveblogs Tell Stories in Real Time". Here you'll get useful tips on preparing your liveblog, creating posts, as well as monetization opportunities for your liveblog.  

    With this information, you're ready to start your first live blog! 
    All the features mentioned in this blog post can be easily integrated with our live blog software. Get your first liveblog experience with our new, innovative editor 2.0 and test all its features for 30 days for free

    Become a real live blog expert today - with Tickaroo Live Blog Software! 

  • 4/27/20219:14:47 AM

    5 Reasons Why Liveblogs are the News Format of the Future (and Present)!   

    While working with top German news organizations throughout the years, we at Tickaroo have seen how live event coverage has changed over the past decade. Some trendy technologies have come and gone, while others have solidified their place in this information ecosystem. As innovators in real-time communication technology, we’ve found that the “classic” liveblog, despite its age, is truly a technology for the future of news coverage. Its simple concept but easy adaptability is what makes the liveblog so valuable to the transforming news industry. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with new information, liveblogs allow users to satisfy their audiences with trustworthy, digestible, and curated content.   

    In this post, we’ll share with you five reasons why we know liveblogs are not only here to stay but will continue to transform live digital storytelling for many years to come.   
    1. They Encourage Engagement   

    Liveblogs are so much more today than they used to be. Of course, you can still add text and images as updates come in, but new changes in technology now also let you directly interact with your audiences. Whether you integrate Social Media posts to add “outside” perspectives to the story, or surveys with software like Opinary or Apester, liveblogs let you engage your readers with compelling posts and engage with your audiences with interactive content.   

    2. They Increase Retention Rates   

    We all know mobile is king. Audiences spend more time consuming information, ads, and news on their phones than anywhere else. Social media has conditioned us to happily scroll through hours of content. The liveblog format mirrors this feed-feeling and enables readers to easily glean information. By keeping readers up-to-date wherever they are, you position yourself as THE go-to news provider.   

    The nature of the format also keeps retention rates high even when users aren’t on their phones. Unlike a traditional article that only provides information one time, liveblogs are constantly filled with new information as soon as it becomes available. To keep up with the latest updates, users often save the liveblog in a separate tab and return to it throughout the day to catch up on information they may have missed.

    This phenomenon was particularly evident during the 2020 US Election when our users experienced staggering traffic and increased retention rates. 

    3. They Maximize Monetization Possibilities  

    Because the format is longer than a classic article, you have more opportunities to add more relevant ads without overwhelming your readers. Sponsored liveblogs are another way to bring in more revenue. This method is particularly effective when covering popular live events. Simply add “This liveblog is sponsored by...” above the liveblog. The sponsor receives continuous visibility, but the reader's experience isn’t interrupted by ads. For more ways to monetize your liveblogs, check out our post. 

    4. They Create Community 

    The format’s rise was propelled initially by sports “livetickers,” which cover detailed game action like goals, fouls, and player stats. Sporting events are natural conduits for passion. Fans bleed for their teams, regardless if they are in stadiums or following from their office desk. These livetickers were able to bring fans together no matter where they were cheering.  

    The same phenomena can apply to news stories as well. When breaking news hits, the world turns to their news providers to give them the information they crave. Liveblogs don’t just have to be used for serious news, however. Even covering a popular live TV show can also mirror this phenomenon. By providing your readers with insider information on their second screen, you provide an additional layer of interaction and engagement which only strengthens the feeling of community surrounding an event.

    5. They Archive the Action  

    While we all like to focus on the “live” in liveblog, this format’s ability to create detailed archival records of current events cannot be overlooked. Especially for long-running events, like the Corona Pandemic, it’s often easy to “forget” the happenings of a few short months ago, especially when one is currently living through this “history.” When left on your website, liveblogs enable readers to look back and see how things actually happened– uninfluenced by muddled memories or hindsight. Keeping this online record is not only helpful for posterity’s sake, however. It also assists your SEO. For information on how Tickaroo Live Blogs are SEO- optimized, check out this blog post.   

    Readers need information that’s "to the point" and prefer short news bites. Visual storytelling is also becoming an increasingly important factor in the attractiveness of various news formats. The mixture of text, videos, graphics, and integrated posts from social networks makes the liveblog varied and attractive. The future of reporting lies in digital formats that take into account changes in media consumption behavior. Liveblogs are, therefore, a significant way of not losing users to social networks. On the contrary, they pave the way to positioning oneself as a credible, fast, and entertaining news source, perfectly primed to capture the attention of today's readers.   
  • 4/1/20219:00:00 AM

    Apester, Brightcove, Glomex Oh My!  

    Digital storytelling is more than just text. That’s why we love enabling our users to integrate a variety of content into their liveblogs.  
    With our latest update, we’ve made it even easier for you to add content to your stories. All iFrames from external services can now be easily integrated into Tickaroo liveblogs. Simply copy and paste links or embed codes into the Link / Embed content block. Our tech does the rest! 
    With this update, we also support more JavaScript embeds. Content from these services are displayed in your liveblog in an optimized output. Here’s a list of all our supported providers. 

    Check out one of our new content services: Apester! Easily engage with your audience by integrating story-related quizzes, polls, and more! 

    Not seeing a provider you need? Contact us at support@tickaroo.com, and we will see if we can add it to the list!  
  • 3/31/20211:00:00 PM

    What’s happening in April 2021?

    April 2021 is filled with entertainment, sporting events, space flights, and art. 
    Here are six events that we are most looking forward to.
    Some of them may seem rather unusual at first glance. Nevertheless, they are perfect to liveblog about!

    1. April Fools' Day (1 April 2021)

    In Germany we shout “April, April” after having fooled someone. In Italy they put fishes made of paper on your back. And in Portugal people throw flour at each other. 
    But newspapers, radio and tv stations, companies, and brands are also fans of April Fools' jokes! A well-known example is the German chocolate brand “Ritter Sport”. In 2014, the company tried to fool its customers by launching a new chocolate bar filled with raw meat! 
    Photos of the “new” chocolate were all over the internet.
    We can be sure that in a year like 2021 many companies will try to pull some April Fool’s jokes. A perfect lesson in brand building, April Fools' jokes can help companies gain international attention when done well. 
    So now let your liveblog benefit! You can inform your audience about different rituals from all over the world, or share some of the best jokes from different companies.
    Make your liveblog even more interesting by sharing the different jokes companies, brands or even celebrities post on their social media channels in your story. Use Tickaroo’s Social Search & Bookmark function to search for web-content even faster. 
    Find out more about Social Search and Bookmarks here:

    2. DSDS Finale (3. April 2021)

    “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar”, the German equivalent of "American Idol", is probably one of Germany’s most well-known TV shows. Shows like this are the perfect opportunity to try out some of our audience engagement features! After sharing a short summary of each performance,  easily integrate real-time Opinary or Apester polls and see which candidate your audience thinks will win. 

    Readers want real-time information, especially when it comes to the finals. Particularly people who can’t watch live want to have quick access to show highlights. With your liveblog, your readers can receive the latest news within seconds. This will also help increase your liveblogs’ views. 

    Tickaroo Live Blogs real-time statistics show you how many people are following your liveblog.
    • Echtzeitstatistik TickarooEchtzeitstatistik Tickaroo
    You can also see monthly overviews of your content with detailed statistics about each individual liveblog you wrote. This can show you if your audience liked your topic and if they would be interested in a similar liveblog in the future. 

    3. European Days of Arts and Crafts (9. – 11. April 2021)

    Workshops on various topics such as design, art, architecture and restoration are offered throughout Germany this month: 
    "From a noble evening gown to a melodious small organ, from filigree home accessories made of ceramics to intricately crafted stone sculptures, all this and much more is arts and crafts." - European Arts and Crafts Days.
    Participants from all over Germany can register and participate free of charge in workshops run by galleries, workshops, and museums. If the workshops cannot take place due to Corona measures, they will not be cancelled, but will take place digitally. 
    Inform your readers about upcoming workshops in your area, or even share a schedule. Participate in workshops of your choice and share your impressions. This way you can offer your readers a regional overview of this national event.

    Since the workshops are increasingly being made available on the companies' social media channels this year, you can also easily embed the videos into your liveblogs, to help your readers directly access the events!

    4. Planned Launch of the Soyuz MS-18 Space Flight (Launch 9. April 2021)

    A flight of the Soyuz MS-18 to the International Space Station (ISS) is planned from 9 April to 17 October 2021. 

    The launch itself is not the only exciting aspect of this event; the space station will also receive unexpected visitors. For the subsequent Soyuz MS-19 mission, the director Klim Shipenko and an actress will fly to the ISS for a film shoot. The film crew will return to Earth on Soyuz MS-18. 
    Share details of the launch and arrival of the Soyuz M-18 and M-19 with your readers. You can also report on the unusual life of the film crew in the space station. 

    This is a longer event. That's why you can report about it continuously on your blog and thus produce on-going content for your readership. With on-going liveblogs, you can easily foster audience loyalty and increase your reach.

    5. Anniversary of Apollo 13 (17 April 2021)

    Space travel doesn't just fascinate us today. Humans have been following space exploration launches for over 50 years. Because the majority of people don't have the opportunity to go into space themselves, experience reports and making-of scenes are all the more attractive for your audience. Take your readers back in time with a liveblog about an historical event. 

    On April 17, 1970, the return of the Apollo space mission took place after only six days. The reason was an explosion of a tank, which made it impossible to carry the cargo to the moon. 

    This event is an excellent opportunity to try out a historical liveblog. You can easily share important facts about the space mission such as crew, preparation, flight process, cause of the accident and landing in an innovative and creative context.

    Add photos and videos to draw your readers in. Don't forget the famous recording capsule pilot Jack Swigert's "Houston, we've had a problem."

    With a historical live blog, older generations get new insights into the event, while younger generation can experience the event "live" for the first time. This creative use of liveblog technology allows you to integrate historical events into the everyday life of your young readers.  

    6. Tennis Grand Prix (17- 25 April 2021)

    The Porsche sponsored tennis tournament takes place in Stuttgart. Because the event is taking place digitally this year, numerous interactive opportunities await sports enthusiasts. The tournament is also offering many looks behind-the-scenes with former winner Julia Görges.
    But just because it's tennis event, does not mean that it's only relevant for sports editors. This year, the fans can be the directors. With new tournament technology, viewers can switch between different camera positions at will. This allows them to experience the tournament from a variety of new perspectives. Due to this new technology, the sporting event may also be an interesting topic for a tech editor's liveblog. 
    Don't forget: with Tickaroo's tennis template, you can navigate all matches and highlights with just a few clicks!

    7.  Champions League Semi-Finals (27 – 28 April 2021)

    The UEFA Champions League has already started! You can easily reach a broad audience with your coverage of this popular event. Share goals and winners in real time with your livecasts of the games. This makes important information more accessible to your audience. With your liveblog, you are guaranteed to be the first to know the latest news! 

    You don't have the capacity to report on the semi-finals yourself? Then use our Marketplace of reputable third-party liveticker providers such as kicker, SID and dpa. How and where to book livetickers with Tickaroo Live Blog can be found here in our Marketplace blog post: 


    At first glance, some events don't seem appropriate for a liveblog. However, if you want to stand out from your competitors, writing a liveblog about unusual events can give you a competitive edge. Sometimes this means writing about topics that may appear niche. It's also entertaining for your readers not to be constantly informed about the same topics. 

    We at Tickaroo know what makes a good liveblog. That's why we specialize in live content software. 

    Our new Editor 2.0 makes liveblogging a snap!
    Sign up for your free 30-day trial account with Tickaroo Live Blog today and try out our improved user interface!
  • 3/26/20219:01:00 AM

    Recapturing Radio Off the Air

    Radio shows and liveblogs: do they even mix?

    Do you....
    ... have the best 2000s Top Hits playlist around?
    ... provide your listeners with the latest news?
    .... want to give your audience a better picture of your studio life?

    Then this blog post is for you!

    We're sharing some concrete reasons why having a liveblog is one of the best things you can do to increase your audience engagement– on and off the air!

    News Whenever They Need It
    Many people can't listen to the radio during work, unfortunately. This often means missing important breaking news. With a liveblog, however, you can still keep them up to date. Post about new Corona measures, the current traffic situation, or information about popular excursion destinations as the news breaks. Easily integrate the liveblog into your website or share it on your social media channels. This way, your audience can read about important news whenever they need it. 
    Integrate External Content in Seconds
    With Tickaroo Live Blog, you can easily embed external content such as Soundcloud playlists, Spotify podcasts, and your own YouTube videos into your liveblog. By sharing these posts and playlists with your audience, you can interact with them even when you are off the air. With a liveblog, you can build listener  loyalty, by offering them another platform where they can access your information. This digital content can also be more easily shared across social media channels, which can only help expand your reach. 
    Up Close and Personal
    Is a famous artist or actor visiting your studio? Or is your radio station organizing an event in your region? With a liveblog, you can provide your listeners with behind-the-scenes looks between your on-air interviews. With our drag and drop feature, adding photos and videos is a snap. So don't worry about this extra effort taking up too much time. By sharing these special insights, your audience will feel more connected to your events. Capture your audience's attention digitally, not just on the sound waves. 
    One Directional to Two-Way Street
    We value our customer relationships and satisfaction. One way we foster this, is by having open channels of communication. We quickly learn about their needs, and are able to make adjustments to our technology that helps them meet their goals. Our upcoming commenting feature is a direct result of this close-knit relationship. This feature enables your audiences to react directly to your posts, and allows you to highlight posts you find especially relevant. Radio doesn't have to be primarily one directional anymore. By providing your fans with direct digital access to your show, two-way interaction can thrive! This interaction can only help listener loyalty, and can even provide you with more material! 
    Boost Contest Engagment
    Everyone loves a good radio contest. Whether you are asking trivia questions about a popular artist, or you want your listeners to call in when they hear a specific song, Tickaroo Live Blog can help you organize your games! Post new hints or even red herrings in you liveblog to stir up excitement. Integrate Twitter discussions about the quiz to increase your reach. With our latest update, content providers like Apester can also be easily integrated into your liveblog! Create your own interactive quiz and see how many of your listeners participate! These smaller contests will only encourage listeners to participate in the big contests you are hosting on-air! 

    There are plenty of reasons for radio stations to liveblog! Keep your audience up to date not only on the air, but also online.
    Create your own liveblogs without any technical background knowledge with Tickaroo’s liveblog technology.
  • 3/19/202112:29:31 PM

    Adding Web Content Just Got Easier! 

    Our Editor 2.0 has quite a few hidden treasures (think features)! One of our favorites is our Bookmark feature. 
    Content bookmarks are incredibly useful when a story is breaking and every second counts. Check out how to use them to your advantage in our short video tutorial! 
    • Editor 2.0 Social Search and Bookmark TutorialTickarooEditor 2.0 Social Search and Bookmark Tutorial
  • 3/19/202112:00:00 PM

    Tickaroo Pro Gets a Makeover! 

    "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs.  

    We recently gave our Tickaroo Pro Dashboard a facelift. Many of our features are now even easier to find.

    Easily access your liveblogs and detailed, real-time statistics from the Dashboard. Here you can find monthly reports on your user data like views and retention rates.  

    Beneath your monthly comparative data, you have an overview of each month's liveblogs' publication dates, views, retention rates, and online locations. 
    These statistics can help you learn more about your readers and their behavior.  

    • Statistics FeatureStatistics Feature
    The Liveblogs tab (next to Dashboard) displays your previously published liveblogs. To see real-time statistics, click on a liveblog of your choice.  
    This way you can see when your audience is most active. With this knowledge you can adapt your posts to your readers' behavior to get the maximum traffic from your posts.  
    With this update your Media Center and Marketplace are also easier to access.
    In the Marketplace, you can purchase liveblogs from third-party providers such as the dpa. This guarantees real-time information, even if you are not live on location.

    You can access the Media Center via the On.Air tab. Each liveblog and its videos are listed chronologically. Reporters and editors especially benefit from this feature when reporting on events on location.

    How it works: Protest Example

    Since protests often last several hours, the reporters record several clips with their smartphones throughout the day. They share them in the liveblog, communicating with their audiences in real time.
    In the evening, an editor downloads the clips, as they were automatically saved to the Tickaroo Media Center. S/he creates a highlight video from these clips, and shares it in the liveblog. This allows readers to quickly catch up on the story, if they were unable to follow it as it was developing.

    Our design may have changed, but our quality services remain the same.
    Stability, usability, performance and innovation - that's what Tickaroo stands for.

    But that's not all! We have many more updates planned for Tickaroo Pro in the coming months.
    Don't want to miss a feature? Then register
    here for our Tickaroo newsletter. 
  • 3/3/20211:26:51 PM

    6 Events in March to Liveblog About 

    Sports tournaments, natural phenomena and cultural events – There is plenty to liveblog about this March. Here are some of the events that we are most looking forward to:

    1. 2021 European Athletics Indoor Championships in Torun (March 5, 2021 – March 7, 2021) 

    Over 600 athletes will compete in this event. This gives you the opportunity to report about individual disciplines, results, and winners in real time.  
    Due to its size, and the nature of track meets in general, it's crucial that both you and your audience can stay focused. That’s why Tickaroo gives you the opportunity to create a custom tag template. With this template, you can create specific tags for each event- from the 100m dash to the high jump. Tags make it easier for your audience to find the posts in your liveblog they are most interested in.  

    2. New Moon (March 13, 2021)

    You and your audiences won't want to miss the rare spectacle of the Solar Eclipse on March 13!  
    The phases of the New Moon last 35 hours. This gives you plenty of time to inform your readers about the uniqueness of this lunar phenomenon. 
    You can be sure that many pictures will show up on social media as people from around the world experience this event. With the help of our third-party integration you can easily integrate those photos from Instagram or Facebook into your liveblog.  

    3. Grammy Awards (March 14, 2021)

    The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on March 14. Because this event is sure to be rich in content, news, and perhaps even drama, a liveblog is the perfect opportunity to share everything relevant with your audiences.  
    The Grammys has many fans in Germany, too. But because it's in a different time zone, not everyone will be able to watch the full live event. That’s your chance to share the most important highlights of the night with your audience. You can share YouTube-videos, short clips, different reactions from all around the world, or opinions about the different performances.  

    Prepare your audience for the Grammy Awards 2021 before the event and share a Spotify-playlist containing songs from all the nominees! 

    4. Formel 1- World Championship 2021 (March 21 - December 5, 2021)  

    On March 21, the World Championship opener will take place in Melbourne. Each race will provide you with the opportunity to cover turn by turn action and all the drama that comes with rising stars and disappointing finishes.

    Use Tickaroo's Editor 2.0 to highlight individual posts like race winner announcements. This way your audience will immediately be able to find the most important information. 

    PS: Getty Images is now the official photography agency of Formula 1. Easily add high quality photos and videos to your live blog if you have an account. 

    5. Earth Hour (27. März 2021)

    Earth Hour was started by the WWF in 2007 as a symbol of commitment to the planet. Cities all around the world will turn off non-essential lights between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. 
    Cities like Sydney, Berlin, Paris, and Athens are participating in this event. Capture this special moment by integrating posts from all around the world in your liveblog.  

     You can also use visuals from Datawrapper to provide your readers with research-supported facts concerning climate change. 

    6. Reoccurring Events: Daily News

    While each month has its own special events, there are always a few reoccurring ones. These reoccurring events, while often not as flashy, are often just as useful to liveblog about.  

    One such example is Daily News. Provide your readers with a morning update of all the top headlines, so that they can start their day informed. By providing this news in a liveblog, your audience knows exactly where to look to find what they are looking for. 

    As a great way to drive traffic to your website, offer your readers a newsletter to your daily news liveblog. 

    We too, have a newsletter! In it we share news about our most current projects and updates. Sign up here to stay up to date on all our upcoming updates! 


    There is always something to liveblog about. These liveblogs can help you increase your reach by proving your readers with content they love consuming.  Provide your audiences with captivating content by using photos, videos, audio and statistics to supplement your engaging text!  

    Tickaroo Liveblog’s new Editor 2.0 has everything you need to create the perfect liveblog.  
    Click here to sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Live Blog trial account! 
  • 3/3/20219:50:59 AM

    10 Quick Tips to Freshen up your Next Liveblog!

    A good news story is more than just text. It has to capture audiences visually as well. Thankfully, it's easy to integrate different kinds of media into your liveblogs to give them that extra pep! In this post, we've compiled a list of our favourite third-party content providers for you to use in your next liveblog.

    1. Opinary

    Increase reader engagement and provide real-time results with Opinary polls!  Here's an example of how it can look in your liveblog: 

    2. Datawrapper

    Create graphs, tables, and charts from survey results or other collected data. Your Opinary results can even be presented graphically to readers, too.

    3. Open Graph Links

    If you want to include Open Graph links in your liveblog, you just have to copy and paste the link. The content preview will be included automatically by Tickaroo. 

    4. Getty Images und dpa Picture Alliance

    These two agencies are the perfect way to incorporate high quality images of any event you are covering.
    Our bonus: Both agencies are already integrated into our social search. So you can easily pick the image files right from within our Live Blog editor!

    5. Social Media

    Because social media is used by many people and organizations, newspapers are also publishing these posts into their news coverage. These social media posts act as accessible primary sources for fast-developing stories. 

    New content is generated every second. But how do you find what you're looking for? With our optimized social search function, you can easily filter through the most important content.

    6. Facebook und Instagram

    Even though many public figures do not share posts themselves, their media team often follows a strict formula. This means that everything posted is designed to create an authentic image of the subject. These posts can therefore provide valuable insights into these organizations' and figures' actions and strategies. 

    7. Twitter

    Known for its short real-time content, Twitter is every livebloggers must-have social platform. Integrate relevant tweets into your live coverage to provide your readers with news directly from the source. 

    8. Youtube und Vimeo

    Short clips and helpful informational videos are a good way to provide your readers with visual representation of what you are covering in the rest of your story. 

    9. Gfycat

     Gifs don’t have to just be about lightening the mood or sharing a political gaffe, they can also be tailor-made to fit the post. Simply download a clip from the On.Air Mediacenter (where all of the clips from your organization’s liveblogs can be found) and create a gif from it in Gfycat.

    10. Soundcloud und Spotify

    Companies and celebrities often use songs to build and enforce their brand. Include these songs or any relevant podcasts within your liveblogs to mirror the tone of the events you are covering.


    There are now many more ways than ever to present information not only in text form, but also visually. Your readers will enjoy actively participating in polls, sifting through stunning visuals, and learning more background knowledge via video.

    It's never been easier to integrate third-party content into your liveblog. When you know your audience, you can engage with them more effectively with the right content.

    Tickaroo gives you the power to get more out of your live coverage.

    Sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Liveblog trial account today and try out our improved user interface!

    PS: Notice anything different? This blog post was created with our new editor 2.0!
  • 2/10/20218:00:00 AM

    Tickaroo's Editor 2.0 – An Update That Inspires

  • 2/10/20218:00:00 AM

    Why Editor 2.0?

    New year, new update, same reliability! To kick off 2021, Tickaroo introduces its new Live Blog Editor 2.0. An update that certainly inspires! But why did we decide to develop a new Editor? 

    Strong Customer Relationships Lead to Innovation
    Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, open and direct communication with our clients and partners is very important to us. Suggestions and requested product adjustments are always gladly accepted and adopted whenever possible. After all, the editors and reporters who work directly with Tickaroo’s Live Blog technology are our most important critics. Their feedback helps us make the Live Blog app as innovative as possible. 
    We’ve incorporated many of the suggestions we’ve received over the past months in this major update. Both we and our customers are convinced that it will make liveblogging even easier. 
     Time is Money
    Especially for reporters and editors, time is an important factor when they need to share current news with their readers quickly and reliably. When a breaking story is developing, you simply don't have time to spend hours on figuring out how to use a new software.
    With Tickaroo's Live Blog Editor 2.0, onboarding becomes a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can choose from different content blocks in our new even clearer editing mode, which now consists of two sections. While you're creating and editing new posts in the main area of the site, your finished posts can be previewed on the right side.
    (See our blog post "There's a New Editor in Town" for more detailed information about our editor’s new reporting features.)
    News in Real-time
    The new Editor 2.0 contains all the same features as the previous editor, but we’ve added a few crucial elements that allow journalists and reporters to present content even more flexibly and creatively.
    Especially in times of Corona and lockdowns, it’s necessary for information to be accessible to your audience as quickly and clearly as possible. With our new and improved Editor 2.0 features, such as stackable content blocks, an improved web-embed function and the ability to add chapters to your stories, editors can now provide all their readers with the latest news from around the world any time and from any place.

    Many updates can be viewed here in this video!
    Top Performance Powered by Tickaroo
    As you can see, there are many reasons why Tickaroo’s liveblog software excites us and our customers so much. But one of the most important factors is Tickaroo’s platform stability. 
    The 2020 US elections were covered with Tickaroo Live Blog by 13 of Germany’s largest media houses, such as Der Spiegel, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland, and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The liveblogs that were created had more than 760 million total views. Despite the average of 69444 views per minute, the traffic had no impact on our platform stability. Our customers’ liveblogs were always available to their large audiences at all the crucial moments. 
    We are always improving our technology and look forward to continuing to help you provide reliable liveblogs to your audiences with Tickaroo’s Editor 2.0. 
    Check out Editor 2.0 in action, and sign up for a free 30-day trial today!
    Want to stay informed about the latest updates? Then sign up for our Tickaroo Live Blog newsletter!

  • 2/5/20218:47:26 AM

    What’s happening in February 2021?

    While many renowned events, such as carnival in Rio de Janeiro or the Berlinale in Berlin have been canceled due to the Corona virus, there are nevertheless many events worth live-blogging about in February. 

    Especially in 2021, live blogs are an innovative solution for sharing the latest news live and up close with your readers.

    1. FIFA Club World Cup (4-11, 2021)

    The FIFA Club World Cup 2021 will take place in Qatar from February 4-11. It's an international event with seven participating teams and attracts fans from all over the world. German soccer fans can watch the semifinal with FC Bayern on February 8 and the final on February 11 both at 7 p.m. on Bild Live. Unfortunately, other matches won’t be broadcast on TV. 

    Provide live blogs of these other games for your readers to satisfy their need for information about the latest goals, victories and defeats in the Club World Cup before the big games! 

    Use our Tickaroo Soccer Template to make liveblogging even easier for you! With clear and organized Event Buttons, creating a soccer live blog is a snap! 

    2. Germany’s Next Topmodel (from February 4, 2021)

    Don't miss the 16th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel on ProSieben where model and presenter Heidi Klum is on the lookout for Germany’s Next Topmodel 2021 in her entertaining show! 

    As a reality-show, the show's format is known for the drama that ensues between the different participants and their opinions. The need to talk during and after the show about all the action is a part of the fun!  With your liveblog, you can provide regular summaries of the different events to provide viewers with a clear chronicle of the most important news, whether it occurred on screen or off. 
    You can also use our social media integration to embed Instagram posts from the contestants' profiles to provide your readers with additional information that is not shown to fans during the show. This way, you guarantee your readers authentic behind-the-scenes impressions about the girls. 

    Another advantage of our liveblogs is that posts can extend over a longer period of time. You don’t necessarily have to create a new liveblog for each episode and can instead keep a long-running live blog for the entire season.

    3. Planned Landing of the US Rover Perseverance on Mars (February 18, 2021)

    Is there any life on Mars? To get to the bottom of this question, NASA launched its mission “Mars 2020” on July 30, 2020. With the help of the Mars rover named “Perseverance”, martian rocks are to be examined in more detail, not only to explore the planet, but also to find out whether life on Mars is possible or not.

    On February 18, the Mars landing is scheduled to take place. Since such an event is divided into many short phases, it is especially important as an editor to write about it as close to the time as possible. This way, your readers get the feeling of being particularly close to the event, despite the distance. 

    4. Rugby – Six Nations Championship (February 6- March 20, 2021)

    On February 6th, the time has finally come! The national rugby teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales will compete in a total of 15 matches on five weekends. If you want to be your readers' number one source for sports news of all kinds, quick coverage is necessary.

    Tickaroo specializes in tools for quick and easy sports reporting.
    In addition to our rugby template, we have over 20 other templates waiting for you in our Editor 2.0.  You’re sure to find the right template for you and your readers.

    5. Tennis – Australian Open 2021 (February 8 – February 21, 2021)

    Especially at sporting events like the tennis Grand Slam tournament, a fast reaction time is not only required from the tennis players, but also from you as a journalist. Therefore, it is important that you have access to a tool that is not only easy to use, but also to keep your audience up to date whenever something important happens. 

    In 2019, for example, German news provider “Der Spiegel” made use of Tickaroo’s live blog technology for the “US Open” tennis tournament, allowing readers regardless of their time zones to follow the match up close. 

    6. Super Bowl (7. February 2021)

    For Americans, the Super Bowl is THE sporting event of the year. In 2020 it achieved the highest TV rating (52.1 percent) in the country. In Germany, too, the interest in the Super Bowl event grows from year to year. For example, Pro Sieben, a German TV channel, which was responsible for the last broadcast of the Super Bowl, achieved an audience rating of 62.0 percent that night. 
    It is safe to say that there are a lot of people who want to stay informed about everything that is happening. 

    Since the Super Bowl in Germany takes place in the middle of the night, many people can’t watch the game all the way through. Nevertheless, your audience wants to talk about how the final went and what the most exciting moments of the game were the next day. 

    Our Tickaroo American Football template is therefore particularly suited for covering  the most important highlights of the previous night.

    7.  The Masked Singer (from February 16, 2021)

    Everyone loves riddles and speculation!

    Therefore, it's not without reason that the German music show “The Masked Singer” reached the highest viewer rating of 4.3 million viewers (54 percent) in the finale of its first season. In this show, which is broadcast on ProSieben and SIXX, celebrities and viewers speculate which public figures are hiding under elaborate and crazy costumes, while demonstrating their singing talent.

    You, too, can benefit from the viewers’ enthusiasm and start e.g., Opinary polls in your liveblog to gauge who your readers believe to be hiding under the different masks.


    As the Corona lockdown measures continue to be in effect, your audience will have to look elsewhere to keep busy. Great TV events and liveblog interaction can make them feel like they are a part of a community.

    Your liveblog should allow your audience to keep up with the latest events. However, don't forget that prior research is key! Especially since new readers of your liveblog might not know what you're writing about, it's important that you make the topic appealing to them with an overview.

  • 2/1/20219:07:00 AM

    There’s a New Editor in Town 

    Work smarter, not harder: Tickaroo’s Editor 2.0 is filled with new features and updates that make it easier than ever for reporters to compose and edit liveblog posts.  

    Our new liveblog editor allows reporters and editors to create high-performing and visually stunning liveblog posts that captivate the reader’s attention. Flexible content creation coupled with an all-new user interface keeps the focus on the storytelling and not the tech. When we first began offering our Tickaroo Live Blog news template, we worked closely with editors to ensure that their editorial needs were being met. With our newest update, we also listened to what our news partners wanted and found the best technical solutions to deliver those features. 

    Time Is Money 
    One of the most noticeable differences is the completely updated user interface. Split into two sections, the left-hand side is dedicated to writing and publishing while the right is the post timeline for the entire liveblog. Thanks to the new user interface, reporters can do more, but with far fewer clicks. Higher user efficiency and usability are the driving forces behind these changes.  

    Increase Reach & Engagement 
    A popular theme in journalism is how to better connect with readers. With that in mind we have added a new feature that is sure to be popular. Now reporters can add links to dedicated webembed blocks, and not have to delete the link before it gets posted. That means that including external content just got a whole lot easier. Adding links for polls from Opinary are also great ways to boost reader engagement while staying true to the story.  
    Coming soon: An upcoming feature that our team is hard at work on is live comments. Very soon reporters and readers will be able to directly interact with each other, and the story. Before this interactive new feature is released, we will contact our partners directly, so keep an eye on your inboxes! 

    Innovative Publishing Features 
    Arguably the biggest change to how a liveblog post is composed centers around stackable blocks. Reporters can choose from a combination of blocks – rich text, media, and webembed – and flexibly configure them into the perfect liveblog entry. With more control than ever as to how the story is told, reporters are quickly learning how to use this intuitive new feature.  
    Another favourite feature, our social search, has gotten a big makeover. Now all social and external content platforms can be accessed even more quickly and easily including Twitter, Getty Images, dpa picture alliance, and more.  

    2021: The Perfect Digital Start 
    With so many new and re-worked features to look forward to in Editor 2.0, editors and journalists are even better equipped to report live news. From events being held digitally instead of in person, to more distance-friendly venues or events with almost no spectators, live events may be changing but live reporting is only getting better. 
    See Editor 2.0 in action, sign up for a free 30-day trial offer today
    Do you want to learn about our latest updates? Then sign up for our Tickaroo Live Blog newsletter
  • 1/11/20214:00:05 PM

    Custom Tag Template 

    Tagged posts are organised posts – help your readers to easily navigate even the most confusing of narratives.

    Despite the second presidential debate being cancelled after Trump contracted COVID-19, both candidates made an appearance at separate town hall events instead. While these events certainly weren’t debates, they were still important chances for both Biden and Trump to address voters. The only tricky thing about events like these, is how to report on them concurrently. Instead of listing off the many (many) features* that we know make our liveblogs ideally suited for election events like debates, town halls, or concession speeches, we’ve chosen to highlight one in particular. With a standard liveblog, entries are written, posted, and organised by their timestamp. 

    However, there’s an additional way as well and it’s unique to Tickaroo Live Blog: our custom tag template. Before the liveblog is set up, an editor can select to create their own “Custom Template” for news. This allows them to choose event-specific tags that, which when selected, appear with every blog entry. For example, Biden, Trump, president-elect, Inauguration or COVID-19 could be possible tags. Single or multiple tags can be chosen for blog entries which helps to visually organise them. The tags can also be selected in a drop-down filter menu so that a reader can quickly search and find all entries that are relevant for a specific topic. 

    If the lead-up to November 3rd is any indication of how it will be until January 20th, it’s clear that news stories are going to be anything but standard and formulaic election pieces. What is certain is that liveblog with custom tags for reporting on all of the national events, will be a sure-fire way to keep the story straight and readers informed. 

    * A few reasons why we know that our app is the perfect medium for covering elections or other live events includes (but isn’t limited to 😉): scalable and stable hosting that accommodates even the highest of traffic; reliable editor-friendly software; multi-reporter functionality; a handy editor function (that saves new entries to be published by an editor); WYSIWYG editor; drag & drop for images and videos; high-speed cloud performance; statistics; customisable Embed JS integration; SEO (including AMP & HTML Prefetch and schema.org); custom tags; a trusty mobile app with offline functionality; an integrated social search; seamless inclusion of third-party content; custom ads and more! 
  • 12/9/202012:39:19 PM
    • Events

    Conventions and Conferences 

    How liveblogs make events of all types and sizes more accessible and attendee-friendly. 

    Conventions are traditionally large-scale events that can have multiple sub-venues and last days at a time. In recent years there has been a growing trend to digitise different aspects of them. Certainly, one of the more popular methods is to livestream parts of conferences, or to film the talks and offer them online later. Another favourite of larger conventions is to provide an app for attendees that facilitates networking and presents vendor’s information or pitches. These developments have proved to be very helpful and useful, especially this year with so many people staying home. We’ve "attended” a number of online conventions that have been hosted around the world. Yet these large-scale events are still stuck in a learning curve. In addition to, or within the existing digital solutions, there is another easy way to offer information, one that is fully scalable and reliable: via a liveblog. 

    Share information in real-time! 
    Liveblogs provide real-time updates and are thus perfectly poised for information sharing, no matter the size of the audience, or its location. Given that conferences will be held remotely for the foreseeable future, creative solutions need to be presented to attendees. Simply providing a link to a meeting or a livestream is proving insufficient. Aside from bandwidth issues or not being able to stay in a meeting, factoring in different time zones is an additional consideration. Since remote attendance means that people can take part from anywhere in the world, watching something live can be rather difficult. By providing a liveblog, which contains highlights from the talk, important information is readily available. Attendees in different time zones or who couldn’t join the talk due to technical issues, can all stay up to date. Photos and videos can even be included, as can livestream links and social media.  

    Highlight and tag important posts 
    How well a conference is organised is also of the utmost importance and running a convention remotely presents new kinds of challenges. Luckily, many of the same tips on how to organise posts in a liveblog are applicable whether the convention is taking place “on location” or remotely. A simple way to organise posts is to include tags via our Custom Tag Template feature. Not only do they help the reader to instantly see what part of the conference is being written about, but posts can also be filtered via a drop-down menu.  
    Marking posts as sticky (the post will always stay at the top of a liveblog, even if it’s older) is the perfect way to make sure that important posts stay visible. Whether it’s about changes to the schedule, new links for “conference rooms”, or health and safety guidelines once in-person conventions are allowed, attendees will always know where to look. Milestones are also a great way to keep longer liveblogs organised by creating linkable headlines for posts that start off a new day or a special talk.  

    A conference for the record books 
    Quickly sharing information and making it easy to find isn’t the only advantage of using liveblogs to cover conferences. Thanks to custom tags, marking posts as important, and including multimedia, attendees can catch up during or after the event and even share individual posts to their social accounts. Ultimately, liveblogs aren’t just useful for documenting the event but also for creating a lasting record of the event and added value for marketing future events to investors. 
  • 10/21/20207:40:50 AM


    Time zones, other deadlines, the need to have a reporter on location – all of these factors and more can make liveblogging difficult. Even if it’s not possible to put together a liveblog, Tickaroo presents clients with a unique solution. Instead of having to write their own liveblogs, they can book ones that are written by reputable third-party providers. In Germany, the non plus ultra in the news category is without a doubt dpa.

    Marketplace and dpa
    Since the debut of Marketplace, dpa has partnered with Tickaroo to provide the latter’s clients with a streamlined way to book news liveblogs. When a dpa-written liveblog is booked via the Tickaroo platform, it is automatically added to the list of liveblogs belonging to that organisation. That means that it can be seamlessly integrated into their website via Embed JS and boosted with SEO solutions such as schema.org, AMP and HTML Prefetch. It can be left “as is” or added to should the editors want to include more local information. Despite not having any boots on the ground or being able to even watch the event live, media houses are guaranteed quality coverage when they need it most – live!

    SID and kicker
    Marketplace isn’t just about news blogs, there are also sports-oriented liveblogs that can be booked – kicker and Sport-Informations-Dienst both offer their liveblogs in Tickaroo Marketplace. From upcoming soccer matches to American Football games or handball, readers are kept informed in real-time thanks to kicker and SID’s reporting as well as Tickaroo’s stable and scalable digital publishing platform.

    Writing and Selling
    Booking liveblogs is only part of Marketplace’s appeal – it’s also possible for clients to offer theirs as well. If a reporter is covering something of particular interest, for example a breaking news story, they might be the only one with access to the latest updates and live on location. By writing a liveblog and offering it in Marketplace, other news organisations can also book it. All it takes is to add a checkmark to a dropdown menu and the liveblog is good to go – national or even international!

    Test out Marketplace and book a dpa liveblog today!

    If you don't have a Tickaroo account yet, sign up for you 30-day free Live Blog trial account!

  • 10/8/202012:37:43 PM

    Liveblogs: The Perfect Medium for Reporting on Debates & Election Day

    In the run-up to the election, debates have become the bread and circuses of the current political landscape. Despite this, and early voting, the presidential debates are an important tool for undecided voters. With anticipation growing and the likelihood of a tumultuous election day increasing with every passing press conference and tweet, the need for quality digital reporting tools (read: liveblogs) increases with it.

    Why liveblogs?
    Articles are by definition reactive and written in response to an event or news story. They are an important tool for disseminating information but they are more of a follow-up than a way of sharing breaking news as it happens.Compared with traditional articles, liveblogs are interactive and intended to accompany events with real-time updates. The functions that every reliable liveblog software should have, and that are crucial for effectively reporting on debates and election days are:

    • Adding short text updates – quickly add information to the liveblog while it’s still relevant
    • Including social media content – add key posts that enhance the narrative and connect or even include the reader
    • An offline-capable app – report from on location and work with the team in real-time
    • Unparalleled usability, performance, and platform stability – rely on the tech so that the focus remains the story
    • Integrating third-party content – book reputable liveblogs from external content providers
    • Reliable hosting and traffic and unbeatable stability and scalability – the story doesn’t stop, even if the numbers keep climbing. Liveblog technology that automatically scales to fit even the most popular liveblogs ensures that performance is never a concern for the millions of readers.

    Rely on reliability!
    Instead of classic news articles or an attempt to present live updates in the form of paragraphs, using dedicated liveblog software produces a clean and easily-consumable end-format for users. It also provides reporters with the chance to present a play-by-play or rather, a rebuttal-by-rebuttal. Ready for anything, liveblogs can transform a seemingly complicated subject into a clearly focused narrative. Given the unpredictable nature of this entire election cycle, it’s good to have at least one reliable and easy-to-understand aspect of it!

    Start liveblogging today – sign up for a 30-day free trial account!
  • 9/28/202011:29:26 AM

    The Three Pillars of Election Liveblogs

    The three pillars of liveblogging are the perfect way for reporters and editors to get started creating their 2020 US election liveblogs.

    Pillar 1: First the planning, then the reporting!
    When it comes to reporting on an election, especially one as large as the 2020 US presidential election, there are a number things to keep in mind. The first is that planning is key. With so many events, resources, and opinions, it’s very important to present everything in a cohesive manner. Given the number of reporters needed for such a range of events and topics, it’s crucial for them to understand what their role is and how they can best work together. A good briefing is important for the team – so that they are flexibly prepared for anything and everything newsworthy that could come their way.

    Before the editors and journalists start writing, a consistent tone and style needs to be established. It should also be decided whether the liveblog is for something limited such as a speech or a debate or instead for a series of events lasting multiple days. This will help to determine how the liveblog is set up with regard to milestone posts. Milestone posts help to organise longer liveblogs by creating links to posts with clickable headlines that take the reader to specific parts of the liveblog, e.g. the Vice-Presidential debate. NB. While it’s easiest to create milestone posts while writing, this can also be added afterwards as well.

    Pillar 2: Multimedia storytelling – don’t just write it, show it!
    The upcoming election is set to be the media event of the year, largely in part because 2020 has been challenging for so many people, and for such a multitude of reasons. Even with the best written storytelling, the addition of multimedia content makes the headline more compelling and draws the reader deeper into the narrative. Integrated photo and video material make the election events more vivid and relatable. By embedding social media posts, the liveblog presents additional perspectives and demonstrates the relevance of the topic beyond its own medium.

    Arguably the best storytelling is done “close” to the source, or in other words, on location. Mobile reporters, who have direct access to liveblog reporting via the Live Blog app, can document the news right from the thick of things. The content produced, whether visual or textual, can be shared directly with the readers. This level of contact with the event means that the reporting is both more authentic and the liveblogs are filled with more unique content, thereby helping to further captivate readers.

    Pillar 3: The best content needs to be findable!
    By nature, a liveblog is a medium which presents live updates to readers in a clearly laid out and readable format. The value of the liveblog is based on readers having access to the updates when they want them most, which is usually during the event itself. Even if the liveblog is still interesting and relevant afterwards, the key takeaway here is that the liveblog needs to be advertised on the website where readers can easily find it. This includes other relevant articles listing the liveblog in the recommended reading section for related articles and vice versa. Thus, the reader is provided with a complete offering of information that is of interest to them. In addition, particularly relevant news can be highlighted in the liveblog while it is being written (or even afterwards) by marking posts as important. Another important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the internal search on the website recognizes words like “liveblog” or “liveticker”.

    When it comes to articles being “findable”, this doesn’t just refer to the liveblogs on the organisation’s website, but also on the web. Thanks to some recent SEO updates, including AMP Prefetch and Styled (CSS) Prefetch, liveblogs can be more easily found by Google, thereby increasing reach and ultimately monetisation as well.

    Test our user-friendly digital reporting liveblog technology today! Try it out for free for 30 days and share your election coverage live!
  • 9/28/202010:48:23 AM

    AMP Prefetch: Amp Up Your Liveblogs!

    With any big news story, such as elections, multiple news outlets are all presenting their own version about the same topics. Competition is extremely high and the likelihood of articles being buried by Google nearly as great. One of the best ways to solve this is to use cutting-edge SEO tools to ensure that the news stories find their way to the top of the page. AMP Prefetch is one of these tools.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages or simply AMP – arguably one of the most talked-about acronyms in the online publishing world – does exactly that and makes AMP-enabled Tickaroo liveblogs stand out even more. Here are a few facts about AMP Prefetch:
    • The AMP lightening symbol is a guarantee for fast mobile loading times. Users can quickly identify which of the search results will be fastest.
    • When a page is AMP-enabled it is saved in the Google AMP Cache which is what greatly increases its loading speed. It also eliminates the need for pre-rendering.
    • AMP improves the speed at which the liveblog is loaded which is an important ranking factor.
    An added benefit of having AMP pages is that your content can be displayed in the Google Search Carousel which essentially displays the news story as a calling card. This increases your reach and subsequently your traffic as well. While using AMP doesn’t mean that pre-fetch HTML isn’t required, by using both in tandem, it is much easier to increase your SEO and traffic. Even though AMP itself is very technical, implementing it is no more difficult than pre-fetch and certainly as useful, if not more!

    Set up your 30-day free liveblog trial in seconds!

    Contact us if you want to benefit from AMP Prefetch.

  • 9/28/20209:26:33 AM

    Opinary Election Polls: The Perfect Addition to Your Liveblog

    Ask Your Readers
    There has been a growing trend for readers to engage more with stories: first it was with a letter to the editor, then the comment function, and now it’s all about polls. This is especially true when the topic is something particularly polarizing, such as the upcoming US 2020 election. For Tickaroo Live Blog partners with an Opinary plan, a poll can be set up. Then it only takes four simple steps until readers can start interacting even more with the live content.

    1. Click on the shareable link and then paste it in the text field in Tickaroo Live Blog.
    2. Wait a moment for the preview.
    3. Delete the URL after the preview appears.
    4. Post the liveblog entry

    Readers will be able to immediately begin responding to the interactive polls. Since liveblogs can contain multiple entries, a poll can be “promoted” by being marked as a milestone (with a link displayed at the top of the page) or as a sticky post (so that it stays at the top unless unmarked later on). Individual posts can also be shared on social media if the sharing function has been enabled. That way the poll can reach an even wider audience and also garner more views for the liveblog as well.

    Exit Polls, Debates, and the Beer Question
    When it comes to elections, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the exit polls. However, in the run-up to the big day, there are also countless of polls done, primarily by private companies, and often with varying results. Everything from who they think will win the election to how they feel about specific issues is all part of the mix. It’s these latter polls that are particularly interesting since they target the hot-topic themes that are central to every election and also have the most impact on how voters will decide (unless however you believe in the Beer Question). Even though the cross-section of respondents is limited, since only readers of the publication would see the poll, it’s still indicative of voter sentiment as there are no barriers to submit a response and it represents the general audience’s views.

    Do you already have a Tickaroo Live Blog account? Start adding Opinary polls to your live content today!

    Click here to sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Live Blog trial account!
  • 9/23/202012:29:56 PM

    Why made.by? A New Innovative Brand – The Same Strong Performance

  • 9/23/202012:29:56 PM

    Why made.by?

    A small start-up to a solid company entering its tenth year. Two strong and innovative brands – Tickaroo & made.by Tickaroo – are paving the way forward.

    Up until now it’s always been Tickaroo. The one name represented a number of products and services. When asked by new contacts what Tickaroo did, it was always a careful balancing act of where to begin: with our SaaS products or our digital media services. Should we wow them first with names like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, RTL, and heise online or with kicker, Red Bull Media House, and Verivox? While this is only one example of a more complex issue, Tickaroo as a company and name, really does stand for a variety of projects.

    New Name. New Look.
    On our previous website there wasn’t a concrete or visible enough presence where we could properly highlight what digital media projects we had been working on. Instead, the main focus was on our SaaS. Making the leap and fully embracing our agency persona was something that we had always struggled with. A chief concern is that there is sometimes a stigma associated with the word agency – people can assume that everything is project driven and focused on the bottom line. This year though, with the release of made.by Tickaroo we did just that, and we did it on our own terms.

    From Strength to Strength
    One of our main strengths as a company is our willingness and desire to embrace new ways of doing things, all while striving for digital excellence and retaining learnings from past projects. Ranked as one of Germany’s top special agency by kress pro since 2017, we continuously strive to set new creative and technological goals for ourselves. Matthew Ulbrich, CEO and “Chief Digital Excellence Officer”, leads the charge when it comes to innovative solutions: “User Experience is at the centre of Tickaroo's mission – fast-responding apps that even our grandparents understand and enjoy using are the ultimate goal that we're trying to achieve.”

    Looking Forward
    With so many challenges facing both people and businesses this year, the trend for companies and organisations to search out digital solutions is only continuing to grow. Whether our next projects are news or sports related, or perhaps even something new, we are looking forward to dedicating ourselves with the same energy and expertise as we have to all our ventures. By focusing on reliable technology and cutting-edge designs together with all other aspects of the project, we are able to make products for people and not just for users. Having already worked on so many exciting and innovative projects, we are even more optimistic when it comes to future cooperations.
  • 9/4/20208:46:13 AM

    Consent Handling – How Tickaroo solved it!

    Why is consent handling becoming even more important? The short and the long answer is GDPR.

    When third-party content is included in a liveblog, if consent handling has not been enabled, the reader’s data is being unknowingly and/or unwillingly transmitted to the social media platform. That’s why it’s a topic that every platform or news site has to think about. Luckily our liveblog product provides several consent handling options to our partners so that they can choose which solution best fits their needs. While the first option is not recommended for most cases, the other points allow for flexibility with regard to compliancy.

    With Embed JS there are four main options when it comes to third-party content that is being embedded into the liveblog:
    • All third-party embeds can be enabled without consent handling
    • All are disabled without consent handling
    • Integrated consent handling available with our liveblog’s EmbedJS
      • This enables a small switch to be shown that allows readers to select which platforms may display content in the liveblog. Unless actively enabled, we will only show a GDPR-compliant preview of the tweet, post, or video.
    • Custom consent handling
      • If the webpage, into which the liveblog is integrated, already has consent handling, then the developers can write code to interact with the consent handling API of the liveblog’s Embed JS. The latter will “ask” the website for consent for each social media platform.
      • When we have e.g. a Tweet, and Twitter has already been disabled, the Embed JS will automatically display its 2-click consent switch. When the user clicks this to display the Tweet, the third-party embedded content will be visible, and the Embed JS will notify the website so that the consent handling can also be updated.
    There are definite drawbacks to the first two options: one is not GDPR compliant and the other could have a negative impact on the storytelling since not all content is being included that is necessary for the narrative. However, the last two points are not only compliant, but also accommodate our clients’ needs the most. In fact, the integrated consent handling 2-click switch, which we introduced earlier this year in anticipation of this issue, is not only the easiest but also the fastest solution for keeping liveblogs reader-friendly and GDPR compliant.

    For a more technical approach please refer to Tickaroo's Developers' Documentation.

    Our original post about 2-click consent handling can be found here.
  • 8/13/20208:19:06 AM

    Three Cheers For Our Latest Three SEO Updates

    Our latest hot summer update further completes our SEO offering by adding styled prefetch to our recent AMP and schema.org releases.

    SEO has always been an important topic for us, which is why we have long offered clients the option to further optimize their liveblogs with HTML prefetch. Typically, when a liveblog is integrated into a web page, the embed takes the data, e.g. the content from the liveblog posts, via JavaScript. For Google though the page appears to be empty, which in turn negatively impacts its ranking. To counteract this, we added HTML prefetch so that the liveblogs could still be indexed by search engines. The HTML prefetch essentially provides a page for search engines where the liveblog content is included. Until now this page was not styled, and therefore only visible for search engines.

    Styled Prefetch
    With our newest update, the client is able to pre-style the prefetched content with our Embed JS CSS styling. In essence, we provide the general styling of the Embed JS which can then be mirrored onto the pre-fetch page. The benefit of the styling is that the prefetch content can also be displayed to liveblog readers and no longer has to be hidden from them. This in turn leads the Google ranking to increase even more because it is also readable by people and not just search engines. Even though the prefetch liveblog is visible, it will not usually be seen by readers. However, there is an additional advantage to using this feature: if their connection is poor and their device is unable to correctly load the Embed JS version of the liveblog then the styled prefetch liveblog would be displayed. Together with AMP, schema.org, and now styled prefetch, Tickaroo Live Blog offers clients the tools to get their liveblogs to #1!

    If you want to improve your liveblog’s SEO, feel free to contact us!
    Click here to be taken to the Tickaroo Developers’ Documentation.
  • 8/11/20208:50:31 AM

    Tickaroo makes Live Blog even more SEO-friendly!

    Our hottest summer updates are online and ready to be put to top journalistic use!
    Without further ado, here is everything that you need to know about AMP prefetch and schema.org so that you and your team can start benefiting from these features straight away.

    AMP Prefetch
    In line with our commitment to digital excellence, we always strive to develop and release feature updates, even before they become mainstream. This helps our customers maintain a competitive advantage. Accelerated Mobile Pages or simply AMP prefetch – arguably one of the most talked-about acronyms in the online publishing world – does exactly that and makes AMP prefetch-enabled Tickaroo liveblogs stand out even more.

    Here are a few facts about AMP prefetch:
    • The AMP prefetch lightening symbol is a guarantee for fast mobile loading times. Users can quickly identify which of the search results will be fastest.
    • When a page is AMP prefetch-enabled it is saved in the Google AMP Cache which is what greatly increases its loading speed. It also eliminates the need for pre-rendering.
    • AMP prefetch improves the speed at which the liveblog is loaded which is an important ranking factor.
    An added benefit of having AMP prefetch pages is that your content can be displayed in the Google Search Carousel which essentially displays the news story as a calling card. This increases your reach and subsequently your traffic as well. While using AMP prefetch doesn’t mean that prefetch HTML isn’t required, by using both in tandem, it is much easier to increase your SEO and traffic. Even though AMP prefetch itself is very technical, implementing it is no more difficult than prefetch and certainly as useful, if not more!

    Our second big summer SEO update focuses on schema.org. Firstly, what is it exactly? In essence, it’s a search engine-friendly readable version of your liveblog and is meta data that is saved to make it more accessible for search engines. It functions by providing the meta data via the API prefetch. Available as an additional setting to our Embed JS, it is not a feature that is offered with the standard Live Blog package.

    Recently we further improved the schema.org feature that we already offer by including social media content as well. For example, if there is an embeded Tweet in the liveblog, it will also have meta data attached to it as well and essentially mirrors the content in a search engine-readable format.

    For more information on how AMP prefetch or schema.org can be added to your liveblog pages, click here to contact us! Share this info with your developers!
  • 8/11/20208:49:12 AM


    There has been a growing trend for readers to engage more with stories: first it was with a letter to the editor, then the comment function, and now it’s all about polls. Having recognized this shift, we’ve been busy working on a new feature update that provides a clean and simple way to include Opinary polls in liveblogs. For Tickaroo Live Blog partners with an Opinary plan, a poll can be set up. Then it only takes four simple steps until readers can start interacting even more with the live content.

    1. Click on the shareable link and then paste it in the text field in Tickaroo Live Blog.
    2. Wait a moment for the preview.
    3. Delete the URL after the preview appears.
    4. Post the liveblog entry

    Readers will be able to immediately begin responding to the polls. Since liveblogs can contain multiple entries, a poll can be “promoted” by being marked as a milestone (with a link displayed at the top of the page) or as a sticky post (so that it stays at the top unless unmarked later on). Individual posts can also be shared on social media if the sharing function has been enabled. That way the poll can reach an even wider audience and also garner more views for the liveblog as well.

    Do you already have a Tickaroo Live Blog account? Start adding Opinary polls to your live content today!

    Click here to sign up for your free 30-day Tickaroo Live Blog trial account!
  • 7/30/20208:24:10 AM

    Generate Local News Liveblogs in 3 Clicks

  • 7/30/20208:24:10 AM

    Generate Local News Liveblogs in 3 Clicks

    Tickaroo’s newest feature, the Live Blog Link, is the fastest way to integrate a liveblog into a website or distribute the real-time content. We’re not talking minutes here, we’re talking seconds.

    Liveblogs for Communities
    The decision of wanting to provide liveblog technology to cities and communities for a free trial period also led to a new product update. Since municipal organisations are not set up the same way as a publishing house or sports club, we recognized that this group would also have its own specific requirements such as access to varying levels of technical support available to them. It’s for this new audience that we developed the Live Blog Link which is a pre-styled landing page. The liveblog is presented in a professional manner and time-saving format since no additional styling is required. Instead of having to rely on a developer to integrate the liveblog into a city’s homepage, it’s also possible for anybody who can add written content to the site to present and publish the liveblog landing page for their citizens.

    Three-Click Setup
    Being able to present official and accurate information in real-time helps to avoid confusion and the spread of misinformation. Updates can include everything from new health and safety measures and community initiatives to information about financial aid. By following these three simple steps it’s easy to create a link for the pre-styled landing page. After clicking on the liveblog that’s meant to be shared:

    1. Click on the "Preview & Embed" tab.
    2. Next, click on the “Live Blog Link” tab.
    3. Thirdly, click “Create Live Blog Link” so that the URL is generated.

    The URL can then be included as a hyperlink or as a landing page for a call to action (CTA) button. The link can also be quickly and easily posted on various social platforms such as Facebook or distributed via group chats (e.g. WhatsApp). Although this efficient way of sharing content was primarily developed for cities and communities, this feature is available for any organisation that has a Tickaroo Live Blog account.
    Sharing liveblogs has never been easier! Test it out for yourself and sign up for our free 30-day Community Live Blog test account.
  • 7/20/20201:31:52 PM

    How to Monetize Your Liveblog

    In recent years the news industry has been busier than ever finding ways to re-market/invent/brand themselves for digital audiences. This doesn’t just apply to gaining and retaining readers but of course includes finding new ways to earn revenue from news content. Thanks to our close cooperation with the news industry, we’ve always designed our products with an emphasis on their needs, including monetisation. We’ve collected our top three tips on how to monetize liveblogs:

    Integrated Ads
    Did you know that one of the many features that we offer lets customers display their own ads in their liveblogs? It’s called CustomAd and allows the advertisements to be integrated into the liveblog and controlled via its original server such as Google AdSense. Available as an “ad”-on, it’s certainly one of the easiest ways to get liveblogs to be profitable for publishing houses. Ads can also be set up on the website itself so that they are displayed around the live content, further increasing potential revenue.

    Tickaroo has its very own Marketplace where users can quickly and easily book reputable third-party content from providers such as dpa, kicker, and SID. What might not be as well-known is that Tickaroo clients can also offer their own liveblogs as well, thereby benefiting from the same content as many times as it’s booked!

    Retention Rates
    This last one might seem a tad obvious but it’s still just as valid: the longer a reader interacts with the liveblog, the higher the retention time is. This not only has a positive (read: financial) benefit for the ads being run, but also means that the reader is more likely to engage with the content by sharing it or even clicking on another story. The easiest way to keep retention times up is to stay true to the overarching storytelling style on the site and write the content in a captivating manner.

    *Added bonus: The new Live Blog link feature that we recently introduced, the page’s URL, or even individual posts can be shared on social media. This helps to improve reach, name recognition, and boosts traffic to the news site.

    If you have any questions about how liveblog content can benefit your site, don’t hesitate to contact us via support@tickaroo.com or try out your very own free liveblog trial today!
  • 7/8/20208:21:34 AM

    Setting the Tone: Sie or Du

    Like numerous other companies that are based in Germany, and have international clients, we present our website in both German and English. Recently when re-doing our website and composing new texts, we asked ourselves not only the classic W questions, but also something a wee bit more complicated: Should we use the familiar Du or the formal Sie?

    As is the case with many business relationships here, conversations and correspondence with our clientele quickly jump into the “realm of Du”. However, since a website is often the first point of contact with potential clients, the question of whether to stick with the more formal approach or change it up and start with Du was presented. After all, our entire liveblog publishing platform uses the familiar form, so why couldn’t our website as well?

    For native speakers, or even those who have lived in a German-speaking country for a number of years (like myself), navigating the waters of grammatical politeness is usually second nature. However, when writing text for a website, it can be a trickier business. When discussing a possible switch from Sie, the discussion quickly centred around our personas – who will be visiting our website? Could the seriousness of our product – liveblogs for major publishing houses, sports associations, regional online news sites, and communities – be compromised by using Du? Could the tone be misconstrued as not taking our clients seriously enough? Has business German become informal enough to forget about Sie, even for a SaaS website?

    After some discussion, we chose to maintain the status quo – we decided that first contact with customers should be left “as is”. While it could be seen as playing it safe, using Sie isn’t about creating the perception of distance between people, it is about showing respect and establishing an initial connection with them. We felt that we would rather develop familiarity with website visitors, or in essence, start a relationship with them that contains the potential for further conversations where Du is willingly offered.

    About the author: Originally from Canada, Victoria has been living in Germany for nearly a decade and working for Tickaroo for the last three years. She would rather say “Du” instead of “Sie” and is still searching for a Bavarian word that somehow combines them both.
  • 4/3/20208:57:13 AM


    It’s never been a better time to play a game of darts Tickaroo’s newest app update brings with it a much-anticipated sport template – darts. Dart fans from all over can now liveblog their games and share them on their social platforms, as a link via WhatsApp, or on their websites. Tap to instantly update followers about who is a leg ahead and who has won the set.

    Add messages, photos and videos to make your digital storytelling pop and include social media links or comments from your liveblog followers to engage even more! Our pro tip is to try out our instant replay video function so that you never miss a second of action.

    Click here to try it today!
  • 2/6/202010:05:19 AM

    New Year, New Updates

    With the first month behind us we are happy to share some of the Tickaroo updates that we have been busy working on.

    First up, our new two-click system that lets the user decide if they want to view the integrated social media content or not. By having the choice to consume the content, the user is able to decide for themselves if they want their data to be sent to the external platform. This update is especially important for data privacy and can be activated when setting up a live blog or for pre-existing ones as well.

    Small changes have also been made to the login process as well as to organisation’s owners. When a user logs in they are now presented with a screen and the option to enter their standard account or their business one. This is especially useful for Tickaroo Free users who have upgraded their accounts to Season Pass. Until now, it has only been possible for one person to be registered as the organisation’s owner. So as to further improve the workflow of our partners, multiple people can now be designated as an owner thereby allowing them to also make changes to the organisation.
    • 2-click system can be selected for JS Embed (shown here as a preview)2-click system can be selected for JS Embed (shown here as a preview)
  • 1/14/202012:53:54 PM

    Custom Tag Template 

    Tagged posts are organised posts – help your readers to easily navigate even the most confusing of narratives.

    Despite the second presidential debate being cancelled after Trump contracted COVID-19, both candidates made an appearance at separate town hall events instead. While these events certainly weren’t debates, they were still important chances for both Biden and Trump to address voters. The only tricky thing about events like these, is how to report on them concurrently. 

    Instead of listing off the many (many) features* that we know make our liveblogs ideally suited for election events like debates, town halls, or concession speeches, we’ve chosen to highlight one in particular. With a standard liveblog, entries are written, posted, and organised by their timestamp. However, there’s an additional way as well and it’s unique to Tickaroo Live Blog: our custom tag template. Before the liveblog is set up, an editor can select to create their own “Custom Template” for news. This allows them to choose event-specific tags that, which when selected, appear with every blog entry. For example, Biden, Trump, president-elect, Inauguration or COVID-19 could be possible tags. Single or multiple tags can be chosen for blog entries which helps to visually organise them. The tags can also be selected in a drop-down filter menu so that a reader can quickly search and find all entries that are relevant for a specific topic.  

    If the lead-up to November 3rd is any indication of how it will be until January 20th, it’s clear that news stories are going to be anything but standard and formulaic election pieces. What is certain is that liveblog with custom tags for reporting on all of the national events, will be a sure-fire way to keep the story straight and readers informed. 

    * A few reasons why we know that our app is the perfect medium for covering elections or other live events includes (but isn’t limited to 😉): scalable and stable hosting that accommodates even the highest of traffic; reliable editor-friendly software; multi-reporter functionality; a handy editor function (that saves new entries to be published by an editor); WYSIWYG editor; drag & drop for images and videos; high-speed cloud performance; statistics; customisable Embed JS integration; SEO (including AMP & HTML Prefetch and schema.org); custom tags; a trusty mobile app with offline functionality; an integrated social search; seamless inclusion of third-party content; custom ads and more! 
  • 12/13/201810:48:00 AM

    Share Your Game Live with Tickaroo Season Pass

  • 12/13/201810:48:00 AM

    Share Your Game Live

    It’s game day and the stands are packed: fans are waiting for the kickoff, but even more wish that they could see it live. From the coin toss to postgame interviews, with Tickaroo Season Pass and our complete offering of livecasting technology we help you to reach your fans like never before.

    Tickaroo Loves American Football
    Our American Football template has fans from all over the country and beyond. Thanks to an intuitive setup and dedicated buttons, reporters can spend their time watching the game and not their phones. In addition to being able to easily add photos, videos, social media content and comments from users to the livecast, we’ve rolled out a new feature from Tickaroo On.Air that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser: instant replay video technology.

    Bring Your Game On.Air
    Fans are an important part of any sport, and with American Football they take it to the next level. With Tickaroo Season Pass you can connect with them like never before and up your livecast game by never missing out on any of the plays. Within the livecast, simply enter On.Air mode and your device will create a video buffer of up to three minutes in length. Easily edit and post the clip without worrying about missing a play because your device will continue to film. Even after the game you can download the clips and share them on social media to help promote your team and narrate its story.

    Upgrade Your Profile with Tickaroo Season Pass
    Whether or not you and your team are new to livecasting, help to build and strengthen your online presence with the help of everyone’s favorite sports reporting app, Tickaroo Live Sports! Beginning in February 2019 upgrade your free Tickaroo account for your team for only 19.99€ and increase your team’s online reach by benefiting from special additional Tickaroo Season Pass features such as:
    · Customizable JS Embed integration
    · Tickaroo On.Air
    · Sports data management of names and teams
    · Comprehensive statistics including unique views

    Check out On.Air in action!

    Upgrade to Tickaroo Season Pass and help your team reach their fans like never before! – test now for free.

    Interested in learning more about On.Air? Then contact us via our support page!

  • 12/11/201810:50:46 AM

    Tickaroo On.Air – Tickaroo's Instant Replay Video Function

  • 12/11/201810:50:46 AM

    Introducing Tickaroo On.Air

    Catch all of the action: Film, edit and post professional video footage from your mobile device

    Tickaroo's newest On.Air product feature is an instant replay video function that is available exclusively within the Tickaroo Live Blog app. Film and post solo or work as a team thanks to our multi-reporter function and present your readers with the fullest multi-media experience possible. Currently available to all Tickaroo Season Pass users free of charge while in the Beta phase, On.Air is a veritable game changer.

    Create and Edit with Ease
    Tickaroo On.Air is fully compatible with Tickaroo Live Blog and is ideal for reporters who want to create professional video clips from the field. Never miss a second of the event thanks to a recording buffer of three minutes from which one can select and edit highlight clips as well as continuous recording capabilities even while in the editing mode. Easily add video clips to existing posts in the live blog or even edit the score if you are recording within a sports livecast.

    Getting Started
    1. The first step to using On.Air is to make sure that you have the latest version of the Tickaroo Live Blog app (3.3.0) on your phone which is available for both Android and iOS.
    2. Either create a new live blog or enter one that has been set up for you. By simply clicking on the "+" while in the write mode and then on "Instant Replay On.Air" your device will begin recording.
    3. When something newsworthy has happened and you would like to post it, click on the "+" which will direct you to the video editing screen. Here you can use the slider to easily choose what clip you want to post and after you have edited the clip, simply press the red arrow and then select “send”. From the editing screen you can also go back to the recording screen by clicking on the "x” in the top left corner.
    4. If you want to fully exit On.Air mode, click on the "x" in the top left (iOS users) or the device's back button (Android users), and you will be returned to the standard "write mode" of the live blog or livecast.

    Share Your Footage
    The clip of the highlight that you post, and not the rest of the video, will be saved to the liveblog, onto your device as well as to your organization’s Tickaroo Season Pass account under the new On.Air tab. The benefit of having the clips saved to Tickaroo Season Pass is that the videos can be downloaded, accessed by colleagues remotely or posted to social media sites such as YouTube. The only thing left to do now is charge your favorite mobile device and start filming!

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