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Our live blog technology is ideally suited for the workflows of content experts and provides a comprehensive overview of even the most complex stories.

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From Beginner to Expert in a Matter of Minutes

Live content creators don’t have much time to familiarize themselves with new technology, whether it’s on a desktop computer or mobile phone. That’s why our user interface is self-explanatory and intuitive to use. Editorial functions and other features make our live blog templates easier to use than other content management systems.

Performance that Never Quits

Our live blog technology allows millions of users to access live content simultaneously- no sweat! Built for extremely high traffic, our technology delivers content dependably, quickly and with consistent efficiency. The reporters are left to concentrate on what’s important: the story.

Big Teams for Big Content

The larger the event, the more content creators rely on teamwork. Our technology allows multiple reporters, administrators, as well as photographers and camera operators to have access to a single live blog. This feature allows them to work concurrently: writing text, publishing photos and videos, integrating social media content, and even connecting with users.

The Blog Grows Along with its Content

When a story takes off, what may have started as a few hundred people reading a live blog, can quickly skyrocket to a hundred thousand or more, just in a matter of minutes. Our live blog technology keeps up with the demand by scaling automatically.


These functions are available with Tickaroo Live Blog

  • Templates

    Pre-generated texts composed with a click of a button

  • JS Widgets

    JS Widget Blog Integration for your own website

  • SEO-Optimization

    HTML block for SEO Optimization available

  • Marketplaces

    Full access to Tickaroo Marketplace

  • Monitoring

    Automated delivery of statistics and user numbers

  • Cloud Service

    Securely stored data in our high-performance cloud

  • Offline Mode

    Uninterrupted work capabilities despite poor to no internet connection

  • No Limits

    Unlimited traffic limit- so blog as much as you want!

  • Support 24/7

    Anytime you need help, we’ll be there

More Features:
  • Access to API and mobile SDK
  • Add-on integration of Tickaroo On.Air
  • Comprehensive statistics about your live blogs
  • Sports Livecenter including scorecards, sports management and schedules
  • Administrable access for admins, developers and reporters
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