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With our livestreams, content experts reach their audiences like never before: in their branding, integrated into their channels, and all in a matter of seconds.

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Your Content from all Angles

From professional cameras to smartphones: Our livestreaming technology supports different recording devices simultaneously. With cameras streaming different perspectives, you choose the best angles so that your users don’t miss a thing. Plus it makes seamless teamwork a cinch.
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Your Livestream on all Devices

Reach your audience wherever they are: from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones, we have it covered. Our livestreams are stable, reliable and delivered in the same top quality to the viewer, no matter the device. With livestreaming, your event’s reach is as broad as possible.
Video Maker

Recording and Editing in One Location

The event is over and has been streamed. Now it’s time to continue to benefit from your recorded material. For easy sharing, conveniently create clips from your stream with our multi-functional Video Mixer App. Whether the clips are for your various channels or other communication purposes, get the most out of your livestream.

Made Just for You

The livestreaming technology may come from us, but the stream itself is all about you. It’s easy to set up and customise to fit your branding with no development effort needed. The same goes for other needed adjustments to optimise your workflow, so that you get the product you want.
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These Functions Are Available with Tickaroo Livestreaming

  • Blink of an Eye

    Easy set up and ready to go in no time

  • Flexible

    Various smartphones and cameras are supported concurrently with our open system

  • Integration

    Complete integration of streams in your product and social media channels

  • Customising

    Branding and customising is easy and requires no development effort

  • Sync with Blog

    Tickaroo Livestreaming is compatible with Tickaroo liveblogging

  • Marketplaces

    Full access to Tickaroo Marketplace

  • Monitoring

    Access to live statistics and analyses

  • Performance

    Securely stored data in our high-performance cloud

  • Support 24/7

    Anytime you need help, we’ll be there

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