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The fastest on the market and specialized for high traffic, our push service is made for content experts.

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Live Push

So Fast, it’s like You’re There

Time is money. Notifications have to be real fast - even in the blink of an eye. We deliver millions of notifications within seconds.
Analytics & Statistics

Monitor How Your Content Is Accepted

Full control over your own content also means, knowing how it’s received. That’s why with Tickaroo you have access to real-time statistical data and a detailed analysis of user behavior. You can see right away what content is working and what’s not.
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Not Lost in Translation

Is your target audience international? Our push service is too. With Tickaroo live blog integration, we offer an automated function that allows for your push notifications to be in different languages. In one step the entire world becomes your audience.
Deep Linking

The Best UX

Have your users land exactly where you want them to with a simple push: whether it’s an article, photo, video or other content.
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These Functions Are Available with Tickaroo Push Notifications

  • Fast Integration

    Easy and fast integration thanks to a multi-channel system

  • Flexible

    Available for iOS, Android and web for German and English

  • High-performance

    Specialized for high-traffic scenarios

  • Fastest Push

    The fastest sports and news pushes on the market

  • Monitoring

    Access to live statistics and analyses

  • Multilingual

    Automated function for Multilingual pushes when used in conjunction with Tickaroo Live Blog

  • Cloud Service

    Securely stored data in our high-performance cloud

  • Scaling

    In-memory data grid in the cloud

  • Support 24/7

    Anytime you need help, we’ll be there


Our Packages
  • Basic
    • Monitoring
    • Statistics
    • Developer Tools
    • 0,0007€/Push Over Quota
    • up to 4 million pushes per month
  • Advanced
    • Monitoring
    • Statistics
    • Developer Tools
    • 0,0006€/Push Over Quota
    • 4-10 Mil. pushes per month
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  • Pro
    • Monitoring
    • Statistics
    • Developer Tools
    • 0,0005€/Push Over Quota
    • 10-40 Mil. pushes per month
  • Enterprise
    • Monitoring
    • Statistics
    • Developer Tools
    • 0,0005€/Push Over Quota
    • 40-100 Mil. pushes per month

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