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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Success Story

    “Time is an integral component of Digital First. With the tools from Tickaroo, reporting anything is possible – from a rock concert to bomb disposal – it becomes child’s play. And it is even fun!” – Matthias Oberth, Chief Editor of Online Reporting

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  • Success Story German Tennis Federation

    German Tennis Federation

    “Currently our referees are using the Livescoring app from Tickaroo. For the upcoming season, we will be expanding the service to make the national division a more live experience for fans, clubs and members alike.” – Bernd Greiner, Vice-president of the GTA

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  • Success Story Alpin


    “ live from the highest peaks of the Alps? With wind and weather? And without wifi? It works – with Tickaroo.” – Holger Rupprecht, Editorial Staff, Alpin Online

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  • Success Story kicker


    “The best live coverage needs the best tool. With its app, usability and multi-media possibilities, Tickaroo sets new standards.” – Werner Wittmann, Head of Digital Media

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  • Success Story Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five

    Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five

    The new soccer sensation from Red Bull is Neymar Jr’s Five, and it’s expected to be even and bigger and more exciting than before. During its inaugural season, Neymar Jr’s Five attracted an incredible sixty-five thousand players from forty-seven different countries. In 2016 Tickaroo provided support with its liveblogging application.

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  • Success Story Lagardère


    Since its inception, the name Lagardère has become synonymous with the sport and entertainment industry. Largardère uses Tickaroo's Push Notification Service for their Bundesliga Apps.

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  • Success Story is the ultimate website for news in Voralberg, Austria. Roughly seven million visitors go to the site each year to keep up to date with regional, national and international events and news that matter most to Voralberg. With an audience of around 7 in 10 Voralberger, is a regional paper with a large audience.

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  • Success Story

    With a subscription to Tickaroo, which focuses on hockey, is one of the premium websites for everything hockey stick and ice related. On their user-friendly site, offers it all – from regional leagues to the DEL (German Ice Hockey League), it’s all there.

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  • Success Story Madsack Online

    Madsack Online

    The history of the Madsack Media Group began in 1892 with a single newspaper. Fast-forwarding around one hundred and twenty-five years, it has grown into a large media enterprise based in Hannover and has worked with Tickaroo since 2016.

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  • Success Story RP Online

    RP Online

    RP Online is the online portal for the Rheinische Post Media Group, which is based in Düsseldorf. Since 2015, RP Online has subscribed to Tickaroo’s services. Thanks to Tickaroo’s customizable live blog features, RP Online is able to ensure that their many readers have direct access to the latest news and stories.

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  • Success Story Spiegel Online

    Spiegel Online

    In Germany, when one thinks of a trusted news source, one goes directly from news to SPIEGEL. SPIEGEL and its online counterpart SPIEGEL ONLINE, are consistently high-ranking news sources, and therefore popular choices for staying current regarding news stories or sports.

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