“Time is an integral component of Digital First. With the tools from Tickaroo, reporting anything is possible – from a rock concert to bomb disposal becomes child’s play. And it’s even fun!”
Matthias Oberth, Chief Editor of Online Reporting
Screenshot of the Nordbayern-App
Nordbayern – Live Reporting with Tickaroo Live Blog Software

With more than 11 million monthly visits, Nordbayern is one of the most important news websites in Nürnberg and the surrounding region. Together the website and the app provide users with local as well as national stories. So as to inform the readers quickly and easily about daily events, Nordbayern depends on Tickaroo’s liveblog software. Thanks to numerous templates, features, and functions Tickaroo is the ideal partner when it comes to providing fast and the reliable live reporting technology to publishing houses.

How Nordbayern uses Tickaroo’s Live Content Technology

Nordbayern uses the liveblog software for all types of live events: from sports such as handball and ice hockey to live reporting concerts. With the help of custom templates, information can be shared easily with Nordbayern’s online community. In addition to live game updates, reporters provide numerous contextual posts as well as pictures and videos so as to bring the fullest game experience to fans as possible.

Tickaroo’s live reporting technology is also used by Nordbayern to publish timely regional news or cultural events’ updates directly to their website or in their app. With the help of the live content software, real-time posts provide a direct link for readers meaning they never have to miss a single detail. Whether it’s a post that contains text, a link, videos or photos, new standards in online reporting are constantly being set.

Liveblogging the “Rock im Park” Music Festival

Together with Tickaroo’s liveblog technology Nordbayern is able to very effectively report on three days of fan-packed venues and help deliver the energy of the event to readers, whether the staff or users are on- or off-site. Via the intuitive Live Blog app, journalists are able to easily share all manner of updates directly into native apps or to their content management system.

It’s widely accepted that with bigger events comes the need for more reporters. Thanks to the multi-reporter function, numerous reporters can upload various forms of content simultaneously. Interviews, impressions, and even simple editing can be carried out from on site and directly displayed in the liveblog or sent for review. The additional editorial publishing function allows editors to set all posts in the liveblog to invisible until they have been approved by the editing staff. This helps to ensure that the live content is curated in a comprehensive and easily consumable manner.

Often one of the biggest challenges that live reporters face is unreliable cell reception. Even if the signal fails, the posts are saved in the app and when the device is able to reconnect to the internet, all of the posts are automatically uploaded, in the correct order! Thanks to this, reporters at the “Rock im Park” event are able to continue reporting while concentrating on the story and not the technology.

Professional reporters have everything at hand for live reporting with Tickaroo as a reliable partner.

Nordbayern trusts Tickaroo’s live blog technology

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