What is Tickaroo?

Tickaroo (www.tickaroo.com) offers a comprehensive solution for professional news and sports reporters with its state-of-the-art live content technology. Whether live blog, live stream, or push notifications, Tickaroo’s live content tools are easily integrated into websites, Content Management Systems, native apps, and social media channels, thereby effectively reaching targeted audiences. The company’s digital media service repertoire includes the development of the “kicker” sports app and the expansion of Red Bull’s Neymar Jrs’ Five’s online platform. Other clients include the German Tennis Federation, RP Online, Lagardére Sports, and alpin.de. Hobby reporters and sports teams can use the free version of Tickaroo, known as Tickaroo.Free at www.tickaroo.com/home or download the iOS or Android Smartphone apps.

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Who can use Tickaroo?

Anyone who has a smartphone (Android or iOS) or a computer can use the Tickaroo app.

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How much does Tickaroo.Free cost?

Like its name suggests, Tickaroo.Free is absolutely free! You can download the app in either the Playstore or App Store or use the web app to create live blogs for news or sports.

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How do I get started?

Here is where you can create a live blog after you have created a Tickaroo.Free account.

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Are there templates available for my live blog?

Tickaroo has templates for over 20 different sports (Handball, Hockey, Ice hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, among others) and News. Our templates help you quickly compose engaging commentary, and make uploading pictures, videos, and links a breeze. This way your audiences get to experience the event in real time.

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Can multiple people work on a single live blog?

It is possible for several people to work simultaneously on a singular live blog. In order to do this, all reporters must be logged into the same Tickaroo.Free account. If you want to be able to create your live blog with more professional functions, like our Multi-Reporter function as well as other Pro functions, then the expanded Tickaroo for Business Version is for you.

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How do I edit entries?

Tickaroo has many features that make creating live blogs even easier. Once you have set up your live blog and have posted your first entry, you can open an editing menu, by clicking on the entry you would like to edit. Here you can hide or show various content, mark an entry as important, schedule a post for a later time to be published, or define Milestones within your live blog.

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Can I publish videos and photos in my live blog?

You can take pictures and record videos with your smartphone and publish them directly into your live blog. Naturally, you can upload photos and videos from your computer as well. With your smartphone, a 2-minute livestreaming option is also available.

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Does Tickaroo.Free have a text editor for its live blog messages?

When you highlight text, a text editor automatically appears, which allows you to create headings, and adjust the typographical emphasis of your text.

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How can I make my live blog even more interesting?

The more photos, gifs, and videos you upload into your live blog, the more interesting and exciting your live blog will be for your readers. Integrating multimedia content is a fast and simple way to produce a more vivid live blog.

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How can I use Vimeo, Spotify playlists and Open Graph Links in my live blogs?

If you want to integrate a Vimeo video, Spotify playlist, or Open Graph link into your live blog, all you have to do is copy the link, paste it into the live blog text box, and post it as a live blog message. Tickaroo automatically embeds the content.

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How can I use Facebook or Twitter posts in my live blogs?

If you want to share a public Facebook post within your live blog, first you have to click on the date, right by the title of the Facebook post. Afterwards, you copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into your live blog. After the preview has been generated, you should delete the link and add relevant text to your entry. The link will remain as a preview link, which your users can click on.

If you would like to integrate a Tweet, all you have to do is copy the link of the Tweet and paste it into your live blog. After you’ve integrated the post, you can again replace the URL with exciting text.

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How can I share my live blog on social media?

If you want to share your live blog with other fans, you can simply click on the sharing icon (the arrow) and select the platform where you would like to share your live blog.

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Can I embed a live blog directly into my website?

Yes! You can integrate a live blog into your website for free! To do this, click on the Sharing icon (the arrow), select the Embed tab, and then copy the link of the iFrame embed code into your own website’s code.

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Does Tickaroo have an available API or Developer Program?

Yes, we have an API available for paying Tickaroo customers.

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Is there a way for me to easily find social media posts to integrate into my live blog?

With the Tickaroo web app, you have direct access to public posts on multiple social media platforms. Just click on the hashtag symbol and select which platform you would like to look through.

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How do I search for a specific live blog, league, team, or location?

In the search bar in the header, you can enter the name of a team, user, or tournament. The search results are then displayed, filtered, and sorted into various categories.

How do I activate push notifications?

You can activate push notifications for a live blog via the Tickaroo.Free mobile apps. To do this, select a live blog, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, and click on the bell symbol. Push notifications are activated when the bell is white.

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How can I see how many views my live blog has had?

If you want to know how often your live blog has been viewed, you can click on the Bar Graph diagram symbol on the right.

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How are views calculated?

Every retrieval of live blog data counts as a view, including automatic updates.

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Do I need an account in order to leave a comment on a live blog?

If you would like to leave a comment, you must have a Tickaroo.Free account and must be logged in.

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Can I deactivate the commenting function?

Yes, you can deactivate the commenting function when you set up your live blog. You can also deactivate the commenting function while in the middle of your live blog, when you click on edit live blog (the gear).

How can I deactivate my Tickaroo account?

If you would like to deactivate your account, you must contact Tickaroo Support (support@tickaroo.com). Please use your email address with which you are registered.

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