Styles & Custom CSS

EmbedJS currently provides several styles to choose from via the style option of embedTicker.

style: 'v1'

This is the most generic style. It provides a clean look and is generally a good choice.

style: 'v2'

This has all the ‘v1’ styling and scales image and video content instead of cropping it.

style: 'imagegrid'

This style is well suited for image and video heavy content.

Example Screenshot:

imagegrid example

Custom CSS

In the Tickaroo pro backend, you can set custom css to each embed. Login to your account, then go to Clients in the main menu, add (or edit) a ticker embed and under ‘Embed Js Settings’ you can easily add custom CSS for example:

.tickaroo-ticker {
  color: #22222;
  font-size: 30px;

.tickaroo-event-item {
  border-top: 1px solid #dadada;


  • The CSS affects the page as soon as the ticker is loaded because it is embedded with the same code.
  • custom CSS is NOT validated.