Tickaroo Embed API

The Tickaroo Embed Version 3 is deprecated for all use cases, except for some sport templates. We strongly encourage using V4. V3 will not receive any new features of the News Editor V2! If you do not see the new sport templates in your account or require a specific sports type, kindly reach out to us for assistance.

The Tickaroo Embed API is a Javascript based API to embed and interact with Tickaroo content directly within your website.


  • From v1 to tik3:
    • Layout uses flexbox instead of floats or display-inline
    • Renamed embedTicker to embedLiveblog
    • Two new options were added: whitelistedScoreboardAffiliations and blacklistedScoreboardAffiliations
    • Options default values changed for:
      • style: removed
      • showEventMeta from: 'off' to 'reporter'. Reporter (creator of the ticker message) is now visible.
      • coalesceRepeatedMeta from: false to true
    • Styling:
      • Class prefix changed from tickaroo to tik3. If you’ve added custom styling, selectors will no longer apply styling.
      • “Load-More” button looks like a button now
      • Images of reporters are now masked with circle
      • font-size unit has changed from px to em

Upgrade Guide

  • Update custom styling in your source code and in your EmbedJs Clients (HTML/CSS)
  • Update embed code to v3 (Getting Started)
  • Check embed code options (see Changelog)