Tickaroo Embed API

The Tickaroo Embed API is a Javascript based API to embed and interact with Tickaroo content directly within your website.


  • From v1 to tik3:
    • Layout uses flexbox instead of floats or display-inline
    • Renamed embedTicker to embedLiveblog
    • Two new options were added: whitelistedScoreboardAffiliations and blacklistedScoreboardAffiliations
    • Options default values changed for:
      • style: removed
      • showEventMeta from: 'off' to 'reporter'. Reporter (creator of the ticker message) is now visible.
      • coalesceRepeatedMeta from: false to true
    • Styling:
      • Class prefix changed from tickaroo to tik3. If you’ve added custom styling, selectors will no longer apply styling.
      • “Load-More” button looks like a button now
      • Images of reporters are now masked with circle
      • font-size unit has changed from px to em

Upgrade Guide

  • Update custom styling in your source code and in your EmbedJs Clients (HTML/CSS)
  • Update embed code to v3 (Getting Started)
  • Check embed code options (see Changelog)