SEO & Prefetch API Reference

The Tickaroo Embed Version 3 is deprecated for all use cases, except for some sport templates. We strongly encourage using V4. V3 will not receive any new features of the News Editor V2! If you do not see the new sport templates in your account or require a specific sports type, kindly reach out to us for assistance.
The Prefetch API is not part of the default Tickaroo Live Blog plan. Please contact our support if you want to use it.

General Search Engine Visibility

While using a pure Javascript is very convenient, it has several drawbacks when it comes to visibility of content to search engines. Search engines are getting better at evaluating Javascript but most are not able to index content loaded by Javascript. The only exception here is Google, which is able to read the first page of a liveblog integrated via EmbedJS. If this is enough for your business needs, you don’t have to take any further steps!

Prefetch HTML - Increasing Visibility

If however this is not enough, we provide an API to prefetch content from Tickaroo as plain HTML from our Servers. Your CMS can then include the prefetched Content into the delivered HTML. On the client side you still need to include our script to provide the user experience including pagination, view tracking, auto refresh, etc.

Fetching a Liveblog as Basic HTML

To call backend APIs you need to supply your Client ID and Client Secret. You need to make sure to protect your Client Secret from end users. Never use a Client Secret in your frontend!

You can fetch the HTML of a liveblog using the following URL:

// fetch only liveblog html

// fetch json with the liveblog html and structured schema data

Available parameters:

  • id (String) ID of the liveblog (required)
  • client_id (String) Your Client ID supplied by Tickaroo (required)
  • client_secret (String) Your Client Secret supplied by Tickaroo (required)
  • limit (Integer) The number of items to fetch (default: 15, set to 0 for maximum)
  • show_event_meta (String) enables reporter info in event. must be one of: ‘off’, ‘ticker’, ‘reporter’ or ‘all’ (default: off)
  • skip_custom_css (String) if set to “true”, custom css defined in Tickaroo Pro will not be rendered (default: “false”)

Include this tag in the <head> of the webpage to style the prefetched content:

<link rel="stylesheet" type = "text/css" href="//">

Combining Prefetch and Javascript

To combine Prefetch and Javascript you need to use the same HTML Container for both. To avoid problems you should also set the same parameters in both calls.


<div id="tickaroo-liveblog">
  <!-- Insert prefetch content from 
    container: "#tickaroo-liveblog",
    clientId: "YOURCLIENTID",
    limit: 50

Prefetch structured liveblog data ( JSON-LD)

Search engines uses structured data to understand the content of your page. We provide structured data for your liveblogs that can be used for this purpose.

Fetch structured data

The JSON prefetch endpoint delivers a compatible representation of your liveblogs. Just call the prefetch Endpoint as described in “Fetching a Liveblog as Basic HTML”.

// fetch schema data

Insert structured data

Insert and maybe enrich structured data to your website.

<script type="application/ld+json">
  // Insert prefetch schema from