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AP European History Flash cards (8) What was the role of Stephen Douglas in the Compromise of 1850? Senator from IL, Douglas helped gain support for the compromise What was John C. Calhoun's opinion on the Compromise of 1850? He thought that slavery should be left alone What was the 7th of March Speech? Called for the North to support the Fugitive Slave learn more Law and the Compromise Who made the compromise? Clay What was the significance of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? It ended the Mexican-American war, and America gained a great chunk of land--will it is slave or free? What was the Wilmot Proviso? If passed, it would prohibit slavery from all land gained from the Mexican-American war ********PARTS OF THE COMPROMISE!!!!!!!****** 1. CA would be added as a free state 2. Slave trade would be abolished in DC 3. Popular sovereignty in new Mexican territories 4. More strict Fugitive Slave Act -requires Northerners to aid in return of slaves 5. Texas was paid 10 million to settle border dispute What were the impacts of the Compromise? -demonstrates tensions in Congress--sign of things to come -civil war was averted (for now)--the north had time to industrialize -Northerners became abolitionists -Personal liberty laws not enforced More resources What is a Research Paper? Qualities of Custom Paper Writer Services CAPSTONE PROJECT: HOW TO SECURE FUNDING FOR YOUR RESEARCH


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