Trim Life Keto Reviews - It has the ability to naturally increase the BAT level in the body and transform it into a fat burning machine. The natural ingredients and activated charcoal are said to stop hunger, speed up the metabolism and – allegedly – ​​result in faster and more effective weight loss. Such statements naturally made us curious and we eagerly researched further. The manufacturer's statements about this preparation sound very promising at first. But we wanted to know more about it and therefore decided to search the Internet for Trim Life Keto experiences. To do this, we analyzed ratings and reviews from users in various forums and social media. First we found a man's testimony in a Facebook group. There he describes that he has been taking the preparation for 4 weeks, but has only lost 350 g after he started jogging. He doesn't think the supplement contributed to the weight loss at all. We also found the second customer review of Trim Life Keto on social media.


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