Top 3 Best Computerized Sewing Machines For Beginners Reviews Wanna upgrade your sewing project to the next level? It is time for you to look for a computerized sewing machine, instead of the regular one! Any upgrade comes with a little higher price, but following this review, it is worth every penny you spend, we swear. Just keep on browsing the article, we will cover everything you need to grasp about computerized sewing and some advice on how to choose your best fit. Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine Let’s start our quest to find the best computerized sewing machine for beginners with a model that has been highly praised by many people. A lot of people think that this computerized machine is only for advanced sewers, but it isn’t. The Janome 001DC2014 is a comprehensive model with fifty built-in stitches and 3 buttonholes. Okay, we know that the machine sounds like a complication, but it comes with such an easy-to-follow instruction to follow, even for a beginner! If you’re a beginner and develop your skills, it’s important to get a machine with a tutorial built on learning how to sew fast and safely. It’s specially designed for multi-purposes, such as scrapbooking, garment sewing, or home decor. It has different features that adapt to different sewing needs and be ready to help you sew with confidence and precision, just like a professional. Moreover, the machine can work well on maintaining your sewing stability with a built-in needle threader and memorized needle up/down function. Don’t be afraid if someone tells you that you aren’t professional enough to deal with a computerized sewing machine, the Janome 001DC2014 will prove that they were so wrong! Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine However, if you are looking for something simpler - an easy to use sewing machine for beginners - this Brother HC1850 model is here for you! Like other computerized sewing products, this is multipurpose expertise, but you don’t have to be an expert to handle it! Simple configuration, simple design, and simple instruction, it is like the ease of sewing for a beginner! Coming with 130 built-in stitches, 8 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles, and numerous eye-catching decorative stitches, the machine will adopt all your needs for a home-crafting project. Not to mention a removable table coming with the machine, making it available for even larger and complicated projects. You get different accessories with it like a zigzag foot, monogramming foot, button sewing foot, blind stitch foot, and overcasting foot. Plus, you get a 25-year warranty and technical support for life in case something goes wrong with the product. Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine Last but not least, another option for choosing a sewing machine for starters like you, is the Brother Sewing Laura Ashley Limited Edition. The machine comes with an amazing set of 11 sewing feet, 100 built-in stitches, eight one-step auto-size buttonhole styles, adjustable speed control, and 55 alphanumeric stitches. What else do you need for an home-used computerized sewing machine? But, it isn’t everything Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA offers you! It has a removable wide table, an easy-to-use big backlit LCD display, and a needle threading system, which promise to work perfectly for home-decoration purposes! One more, the production comes with a big bag of accessories including needle set, ballpoint needle, seam ripper, cleaning brush, screwdriver, bobbins, extra spool pin, bobbin clip, eyelet punch, and a super-easy instructional DVD. If you’re new to sewing and want to buy the best sewing machine for beginners and you have a great passion for decorating home, there is nothing else you can look for in a computerized sewing machine like the CX155LA model. The last word from us is that if you are a newbie in sewing, it is really helpful if you have a computerized sewing machine. You will spend your time learning thread and anything else, and the computer will take care of the rest for you. A small investment at first but such a bigger long-term benefit comes after, right? We have done reviewing the best three computerized best products on the market, in 2019. It’s, then, all up to you to choose the best fit for your needs.


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