The Sonnerie Telephone You can use a sonnerie telephone to make and receive calls. The device is available for both Android and iOS platforms, and is free to download. It can be customized for a wide range of music genres and has an adjustable volume control. It is ideal for a busy lifestyle, where you may often want to switch between music and fax messages. It can also be personalized for your name or initials. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of this unique technology. The sonnerie telephone was first printed in 1903, and was made popular in the early 20th century by French poets. The first edition of the sonnerie telephone is still in print. Today, you can find online versions of the text, and even download the latest version. The creators are constantly updating the phone book with new poems and stories, so it's easy to find your favorite versions. You can also explore the history and background of the device on its website, which you can download for free. The phone is now available for Android. The app offers a custom sound for each contact, making it easy to recognize who you're talking to. All you need to do is open the contacts application, pause on the contact you wish to call, and the sonnerie will begin. Alternatively, you can use the free SonneriesVip version to hear sonneries in French. If you want to listen to sonneries on your Android device, you can install the Sonnerio app.


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