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India Solid and Diode Medical Lasers Market To Exhibit 13.7% CAGR


The Indian solid and diode medical lasers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.7% during this decade. The supportive government initiatives, increasing adoption of aesthetic treatments, enhancing healthcare infrastructure, high number of exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, increasing consumer awareness related to new laser devices, and growing aging population are some of the key factors that will support the growth of the market to $46.5 million by 2030. Seminars, conferences, and exhibitions are being organized for creating awareness among medical professionals and the general public about laser technologies and the enhancements in them. For example, on January 18–20, 2019, the Indian Dental Association hosted the 72nd Indian Dental Conference (IDC) to make people aware of the latest technologies in dentistry. As a result of the growing awareness, Indian solid and diode medical lasers market continues to prosper. Moreover, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the government increased the healthcare budget to $30.70 billion (INR 223,846 crore) for FY 2021–22. Based on product type, the diode laser systems category held the larger Indian solid and diode medical lasers market share in 2019. It was due to the wide application of these systems for a range of purposes in dentistry, dermatology, and multiple other medical subspecialties. Diode laser systems provide effective treatments, which is why the availability of advanced diode laser systems with national and international market players is supporting the growth of this category. Hence, it can be safely said that the demand for lasers will surge sharply in the coming years due to the increasing awareness about their role in enhancing physical appearance. Get More details India Solid and Diode Medical Lasers Market Drivers


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