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Game testing


Testing games seems like a dream for gamers - doing what you love, and you get paid for it. But is everything so rosy? By the way, there is also product testing, and this is a slightly different story. If the gamer reaches the goal in the game, he goes to the next level of difficulty and does not return to the previous one. The tester, on the other hand, must repeatedly go through the same scenario, trying on different situations for it. Let's say there are 30 spells in the game. The task of the tester is to test the effect of all spells and their combinations on all types of main and auxiliary characters and artifacts, this must be done at each game level and with each version of the game. After that, the results of the checks are entered into a special checklist. Such a monotonous routine activity is only possible for assiduous and scrupulous people. The customer of any software product, be it a game or a mobile application, has a vision of how this product should look, function and what tasks to solve. And there is the result of the development of this product. The tester is engaged in comparing what happened with what was originally planned, that is, fixed in the requirements for the product. So the tester ensures that the software is tested for operability and user friendliness. For testing games, basically the same methods are used as for all software. It should be borne in mind that each company has its own specific requirements for testing specialists, depending on the field of activity, specific tasks, and the stack of technologies used. Therefore, you either upgrade your skills for a specific vacancy or the company you dream of working for.


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