Technical support, maintenance and development of Magento projects The unavailability or incorrect operation of an online store with errors harms your business, makes it impossible to make sales, nullifies your efforts to attract new customers and negatively affects the reputation of the company as a whole. By choosing the right plan for you, you can be sure that the Mygento technical team will provide high-level pro-active, responsive and flexible technical support and track all the necessary indicators in accordance with the SLA so that you can not worry about such issues and concentrate business development efforts. CMS is a website content management system. This is what digital agencies use to create websites and ensure their work (add new headings, change the design or introduce new functionality). Customers, on the other hand, have to deal with CMS in the process of posting texts to the site or, for example, processing customer orders. The customer does not need to buy CMS separately. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the contractor - he will simply add its cost to the total estimate. The choice of CMS is extremely important. The cost of the future site, the convenience of subsequent work with it, the quality of SEO and much more depend on the management system. Another important point when choosing a CMS is its demand among web developers. For example, a CMS developed by employees of a particular web studio (self-written) by default does not imply further transfer of the project to another contractor.


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