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Is it a profitable business to make games or how I managed to earn money on the Internet.


The game industry has grown a lot in the last few years. Because of the pandemic, game distribution mechanisms have changed and people have more time to play. I got to thinking and started reading about the statistics of the game creation business. And this is what I found out. During the year 2020 the world game market grew by 23,1%. According to a Google report this is the highest in the last 10 years. However, the company predicts that by the end of 2021 the growth will decline. Experts suggest that the volume of the industry will cross the threshold of $ 200 billion by 2023 and will reach $ 218.7 billion by 2024 By the end of 2021, nearly three billion players worldwide will have spent an estimated $175.8 billion on games. Of that, $90.7 billion is on mobile, which is 52% of the global gaming market. 409 million players are from Europe (14% of the total market) and 434 million are from the Middle East and Africa (15% of the total market). Latin America takes only 10% of the total number of players (289 million players), North America - 7% (212 million). The main source of revenue was the Asia-Pacific region: it took 54% of the total market with 1.6 billion players. Residents of the Asia-Pacific region spent $88.2 billion on games, while residents of North America (even taking into account that there are far fewer players there) spent $42.6 billion. The Middle East and Africa brought in the least revenue at $6.3 billion. Although compared to last year's report profit increased by 4.8%. Google calculates that last year 20% of the market was occupied by new players or those who played irregularly but returned (there were about 173 million). The remaining 80% are experienced players (veterans) who have been playing for a long time. At the same time 52% of new players were women. For comparison, among veteran players there are fewer women - 46%. Last year, the market was growing because of the fact that veteran players had more free time (also because of the pandemic) that they often spent in games. According to Tom Weiman, director of marketing at Newzoo, people during the pandemic lacked communication and used games to socialize. As you can see this is a very large amount of money that I am very interested in and as you will notice this statistic was done last year. The numbers are only going to increase. Creating games is a very global process and it is necessary to think through a lot of factors. I found investors and contacted https://whimsygames.co/services/metaverse-game-development-services/ . They have a very rich experience in creating games and you can go to their website and look at their portfolio. You will see that they are able to create spectacular action, exciting gameplay with great graphics. All the characters and objects with physically accurate animations that allow players to achieve maximum immersion in the gameplay.


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