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Almost the entire front-end is written in JavaScript - everything that we can see on the Internet. And relatively recently, he settled in the backend, on smartphones and even in the firmware of smart kettles. The language is in demand and regularly ranks first on Stack Overflow. JavaScript is the language for managing elements on a website. It can paint buttons, run animations, load effects, all without reloading the page. For example, you clicked the “Like” button - a red heart flashed. Or hover over three dots and a menu pops up. In both cases, the script worked on the page. And JavaScript is just the main one for them on the Internet - hence its name. Hire JavaScript developers JavaScript appeared in the distant nineties, when the Internet was very young and consisted mainly of text and hyperlinks. Then Netscape wanted a new language for the web in addition to HTML and CSS. There were two reasons for this: Noble - so that people in the browser can not only read the text, but also launch different menus, windows, blinking buttons, and so on. Commercial - to wipe the nose of Microsoft. At the time, there was a "browser war" between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, and Netscape decided to bring developers into their browser with a new language. After that, the sites began to look much more attractive, new features appeared and became more user-friendly.


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