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What is a site heatmap?


A heat map is a tool for measuring and displaying statistics on clicks on your site, which evaluates the effectiveness of the resource and its individual parts. In simple terms, a heat map shows the activity of users on the page, which parts of the resource are of more interest to visitors. Promotion of a website or resource on the Internet requires a serious approach. Analytics and analysis play an important role in this process. To evaluate popular pages and parts of the site, there is a special heat map. This map is also called a click map because the data is displayed as areas that users click on. like here: https://creabl.com/service/heatmaps Heatmap Features There are many benefits to using and analyzing data with a heat map. The advantages of using such a mechanism include the following factors: Thorough and comprehensive analysis of the activity of site visitors. You can easily see which pages and parts of the page people are interested in. The information is available in a simple and understandable way. You can easily identify uninteresting content and remove it, make the resource in demand for users. It is a good tool for analyzing the effectiveness of introducing new applications and page parts. The information provided is presented in an accessible and convenient way, so it is easy to understand the information received. Considering these factors and advantages, we can safely say that this is an effective way to analyze users, their preferences and interests. If you rationally use this information, you can do a better job of promoting the site.


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