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3 types of end paper for book printing


In book printing china, end paper generally use for custom books and picture albums. Different type of books,the end paper is different.Select the right end paper will Enhance the temperament of the book. What’s end paper? End paper is the layer of paper between the cover and the text. Refers to the front and back (or top and bottom) of the custom hardcover book block, each with a folded 2-page white or colored paper. End paper has two functions, one is to protect the book block from being dirty and damaged; the other is to firmly connect with the book cover. Such as end paper design of the hardcover book is very particular. End paper design arrangements: the use of abstract texture effects, illustrations, patterns.,also useful for photo performance. Its style and content are consistent with the book cover as a whole. But the color has to change relative to the cover. Generally need to be more elegant. The graphic contrast is relatively weak. Some can be decorated with square continuous patterns, produce visual effect. Visually produce a transition from the cover to the heart. 3 types of end paper for book printing Papers commonly used as end paper include offset paper, coated paper, card paper. Offset paper is mostly white as end paper. Different grades of books use different quantification of end paper. For paperback book printing, the ration is 60-150g/square meter, and for higher-grade books and picture book printing, the ration is 200-250g/square meter. To avoid wrinkling when pasting, the thread direction of the end paper should be parallel to the spine of the book. Coated paper is used as a end paper for higher-grade books, and the ration is generally between 100 and 250g/square meter. Decorative patterns related to the content of the book can also be printed to increase the decorative effect of books. Card paper is used as a end paper for picture album and hardcover book printing, with unique charm. Card paper has a uniform fiber structure, consistent thickness, and both sides of the paper are delicate and soft and have the same color. Card paper is flat paper, the paper size is 930mm×645mm, 787mm×1092mm. There are two kinds of quantitative 170g/square meter and 200g/square meter. According to the regulations of the industry standard QB323-80, the main technical indicators of the rice cardboard are: the tightness is not more than 0.85g/cubic meter; the breaking length (average length and width) is not less than 2200m; the folding endurance (reciprocating times) is not less than 10 horizontally. The sizing degree is not less than 1.5mm; the ash content is 5.0% to 8.0%; the lateral stretchability is not more than 2.5%.


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