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What is cybersecurity ?


Cybersecurity (sometimes called computer security) is a set of methods and practices of protection against malicious attacks for computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data. Cybersecurity finds application in a wide variety of areas from business on the Internet to mobile technologies. There are several main categories in this direction. Network security is an action to protect computer networks from various threats, such as targeted attacks or malware. Application security is the protection of devices from threats that criminals can hide in programs. An infected application can give an attacker access to the data it is supposed to protect. The security of the application is provided at the development stage. Before its appearance in open sources. Information security is ensuring the integrity and privacy of data both during storage and during transmission. Operational security is the handling and protection of information assets. This category includes, for example, managing permissions for network access or rules that determine where and how data can be stored and transmitted. Disaster recovery and business continuity is a response to a security incident (the actions of intruders) and any other event that may disrupt the operation of systems or lead to data loss. Disaster recovery is a set of rules describing how an organization will deal with the consequences of an attack and restore workflows. Business continuity is an action plan in case an organization loses access to certain resources due to an attack by intruders. Most often, medical and government institutions or organizations from the retail sector are exposed to data leakage. Some organizations attract intruders for an understandable reason, financial and medical data can be stolen from them. However, any company can become a target, because criminals can hunt for customer data, spy or prepare an attack on one of the customers. Usually , for their attacks , they use: SQL injection – this type of cyberattack is used to steal information from databases. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in data-driven applications to spread malicious code in the Database management Language (SQL). Phishing attacks, the purpose of which is to deceive the user's confidential information (for example, bank card data or passwords). Often during such attacks, criminals send e-mails to victims posing as an official organization. Man-in-the-Middle attacks are an attack in which a cybercriminal intercepts data during their transmission, as if he becomes an intermediate link in the chain and the victims do not even suspect it. You may be exposed to such an attack if, for example, you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. DOS attacks - cybercriminals create an excessive load on the networks and servers of the target of the attack, which causes the system to stop working normally and it becomes impossible to use it. So attackers, for example, can damage important infrastructure components and sabotage the organization's activities. But this is not the whole list of methods. In order to competently and reliably conduct your business on the Internet and not become a victim of hackers, it is necessary to think about security from the very beginning of the development of a website or application and order services from professionals https://relevant.software/ if you don't have your own team of programmers.


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