Tata Spare Parts

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Do your car keeps on shutting off when you put your foot on the gas pedal? Well, then there may be an issue with your ignition parts, or with a fuel pump. It can also be because of a faulty fuel filter, worn of spark plugs or failing control valves. With so many possibilities, the culprit can be anyone. Now, can you imagine how difficult it is to find all these parts under one roof? But no worries, there is one place where you can find premium quality spare parts at cost-effective prices. BP Auto Spares India IS THE CHOICE OF NATION. We stock an extensive range of Tata parts ranging from engine, clutch, brake, propeller shaft to pipes and hoses. Our money, our guarantee! For inquiries call us @ 91-11-23824308 or write us @ info@bpimpex.in.