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Ziglerconstruct has been in business for over 30 years and has always given priority to customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services. Ziglerconstruct has its headquarters located in the state of Ohio where it locally serves areas like Mansfield, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Canton, Cincinnati, and Youngstown. Being a locally owned company, prioritizing individual customers' needs has been enabled as we offer tailored services with quick turnaround delivery and a state of the art technology. Ziglerconstruct strongly believes in specialization and division of labor, and therefore, we have a diversified staff who have gained much experience from the many years of operation. We believe in building strong friendships both internally and externally and with this, we have been able to retain our staff for many years. INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Ziglerconstruct offers a variety of steel services, this includes fabrication, reinforcement, and modeling of steelwork. Throughout our 30-year experience within this niche, we have been able to span many sectors that utilize steel forms as their raw materials as well as part of their plant. Among the industries we serve include; 1. Industrial building construction Industrial buildings are often exposed to huge loads including vibrations and equipment. For this reason, the protection of workers is necessary by building a robust structure that can sustain the loads and vibrations. Steelworks involved in the industrial settings demands skilled personnel to design and install. This, in essence, takes care of the loadings that are to be expected within the setting, additionally, it is to take care of the cost of construction, since the steelwork installations are often unrealistically expensive. 2. Highway and bridge construction This niche demands a rebar that is resistant to corrosion and can sustain the prevailing loads of moving vehicles. Highways are often very extensive and to minimize costs, experienced manufacturers like Ziglerconstruct are fit to do the installations by striking a balance between robustness and cost. 3. Power generation facilities Ziglerconstruct has a clear understanding of the needs of a power generation facility and the various spares that are to be constantly replaced. For this reason, we manufacture and fabricate these parts and have them in stock, in the event of demand or contract, we often deliver the products in time to keep production ahead of schedule. Besides, electrical transmission supports are our key concerns as we fabricate and assemble on both an onsite and offsite basis. 4. Contractor and construction supplies The construction sector is heavily dependent on rebar materials. This spans from the foundation work to the roofing materials. Most building fails as a result of wrong specifications utilized or poor design as a result of the improper understanding of the manufacturers' production constraints. Ziglerconstruct ensures that the fabrications, dimensioning, and scheduling of the steel sections are adequate for all the needs. 5. Oil $ Gas construction The oil and gas sector involves several complex operations, especially the onshore oil recovery processes which entail the installation of facilities in corrosive environments. Ziglerconstruct is efficient in providing facilities fit for all environments as well as all conditions. This has been the reason behind the company winning many contracts and subcontracts in the oil & gas sectors. 6. Water and sewer plant construction Waste management is a huge concern in the modern world where huge wastes have to be dealt with. Ziglerconstruct ensures the fabricated parts including the lift station and clarifying tanks are adequate and durable for effective operation.