Tickaroo's Data Privacy Policy

Only the German Data Privacy Policy is legally binding.

The following information concerns our data privacy policy.

Tickaroo is a public platform. Users can search for and read public data on Tickaroo from all over the world.

Minimum Age of User

In order to create an account, you must be at least 16 years old!

Registration and Logging In

In order to publish data on Tickaroo, you must create an account. An alias can be used as a user name.

In order to register and log in, Tickaroo requires the use of a valid email address in order to authenticate the account. Otherwise no data will be saved to this account.

If you use the Facebook Login option, Facebook generates a one-time ID for the Tickaroo App with which we can authenticate the account. In order for you to be able to log in again in the future, we must save this ID.

You would like to delete your account? Please click here.

You have questions concerning your account? Please click here.

You have questions concerning your data and how it is used? Please click here to contact our privacy officer Tassilo Busche.

User Account and Personalization

You are welcome to provide a link to your Facebook account, your website, and/or your Twitter account on your Tickaroo Profile page. This makes it easier for other users to contact you. However, this is not a requirement.

When you have an account with Tickaroo, you have the option of following players, games, leagues, reporters, or locations. What you follow is then saved to your account in order to present the latest news about your followed content.

General Tips und Hints

Please be aware that all messages posted after logging into Tickaroo are published publicly and are publicly accessible.

Creating Content

Please ensure that when preparing text, photo, or video material that you have the rights for the content and that the shown or mentioned individuals are in agreement that their information (name, photo, video, and other personal information) is being published by you.

Should you fail to do this, we reserve the right to immediately disable your account and delete your content from the platform.

The Alteration of Personal Data

Registered users receive access to functions, which allow them to change the personal data affiliated with their account.

The user is also able to permanently delete his or her account. As soon as one’s account is deactivated, it is no longer visible on tickaroo.com.

Tracking and Analytics

The following data is tracked when one visits Tickaroo’s websites and/or apps.

In order to obtain anonymous analysis of usage regarding Tickaroo products, Tickaroo saves anonymous cookies via one’s browser. You can deactivate these cookies via your browser settings.

We use this data in order to optimize our technology’s intended use.

Tickaroo also saves the language settings of the in-use browser, in order to be able to automatically display your preferred language.

Use of Google Services

Tickaroo uses Google Analytics in order to gather data concerning usage of our platform via its users. We use this data to continually improve our software’s performance and usability. You can deactivate Google Analytics with this browser plugin.

Tickaroo uses Google’s reCAPTCHA in order to guard against the registration of Bots and fake accounts. This service is only active during the registration process of a new account. Google’s reCAPTCHA Data Privacy Policy

This website uses Google AdSense. This concerns a service from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, which is used to include advertisements on web pages. Google AdSense uses “cookies”. These are files which, through their being saved, allows Google to analyze your usage of a website. In addition to using Google AdSense, web beacons are also used. Web beacons are invisible graphics that allow Google to analyze the clicks and traffic on a website, and similar information. The information gathered via cookies and web beacons, your IP-address as well as the delivery of ad information, are transferred to one of Google’s servers located in the USA and saved there. Google could pass this gathered information onto third parties, if this is legally allowed or if Google assigns or uses third parties for analyzing the provided data.

However, Google will merge your IP Address with other saved data. Through the corresponding settings in your internet browser, you can hinder the saving of these cookies on your PC. However, it is possible that the content of this website will not be able to be used in the same capacity. Through the use of this website, you agree to the processing of your personal data collected by Google in the above described manner and for the above-mentioned use.

Usage of Other External Services

We use Freshdesk for the timely processing of your support requests. You can find Freshdesk's Data Security Policy here.

Should you want to send your messages to us directly, please send your support request via email to directsupport@tickaroo.com.

Tickaroo software is hosted within the EU on Amazon Web Services. In using this hosting service, Tickaroo also uses the VPC-Service.

Amazon Web Service has the following certification:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018
  • CSA
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • C5

For more information, please click here.

Tickaroo’s data backup is managed by MongoDB. The service is hosted for Tickaroo within the EU. Mongo DB is a participant of the EU-US Privacy Shield Program.

Bug tracking on Android and iOS

Tickaroo uses Google’s Fabric within our mobile application. Should a crash occur on your device, you will be asked if you would like to send the data that could have led to the crash (type of device, execution of the most recent actions, operating system, software version) via Fabric to Tickaroo. Click here for Fabric’s Data Privacy Policy link. If you do not want to send this information, then do not agree to send the data.

Further Information

This data privacy policy describes Tickaroo’s guidelines, collection methods, usage and the sharing of users’ information. Tickaroo collects information via: our various websites; mobile and other applications; services and third-parties (for example when the user sends information while using Tickaroo); sends a livecast; receives a livecast; a Tickaroo widget directs them to the website or to Tickaroo with the help of applications such as Tickaroo for iOS or Tickaroo for Android. As soon as the user uses one of our services, they have understood and agreed to the recording, transferring, changing, saving, publishing as well as other uses of information as laid out in this data privacy policy. The information that has been entered into Tickaroo’s systems, regardless of in which country the user’s place of residence is, or in which country the information is generated, can be accessed and used in Germany or any other country.

Questions and comments regarding this data privacy policy can be sent to directsupport@tickaroo.com.

Collection and use of Information

We collect and use information from users in order to review the use of our services, so that we can continue to optimize our products.

Registration information:
In order to register for a Tickaroo account the prospective user is required to submit certain personal information to Tickaroo, for example a username, password and an email address. Some of this information, specifically the username, is open to the public. This means that it is visible on the profile page of the user as well as in the search function. In order to have access to certain services, such as the search function, login is not required.

Further information:
Should the user wish, additional information may be uploaded to the profile page, for example, a profile photo. The account can be further personalized by including links for the user’s website, a Facebook or Twitter profile. The inclusion of the above-mentioned additional information, that is, information that is not required for registration of an account, is not mandatory and can be added at the discretion of the user.

Livecasts, lists and other public information:
The main goal of our services is to help users to globally share and disseminate information. The majority of information that the user provides us with is information that we share on behalf of the user. This includes not only the user’s livecasts and its metadata but also lists that the user has made, people who follow the user, livecasts that have been favorited by the user, comments and other information as well. With regard to the basic settings, we make almost all of the information that the user sends us public. The email address of the user is not visible in the basic settings. The public information of the user is shared immediately. For example, the public livecasts from users are searchable via many search engines. Therefore, the user should be careful with all of the information that is shared and made public with Tickaroo, and not solely concerned with information that is entered into livecasts.

Information that the user shares via Tickaroo can be accessed and read globally.

Location information:
The user can choose if they want their location to be shared in their livecast or displayed in their profile. If the user sends their location while writing a livecast, we can use their exact coordinates to better optimize our services.

Server log files:
Our servers automatically save information (server log files) that originate from the use of our services. Examples of server log files is data such as IP addresses or the type of browser being used. Other actions, such as interactions with our website and applications can also be included in server log files. If we have not already deleted the server log files, we will delete them or remove all general account IDs such as usernames, complete IP addresses or email addresses after three months.

Tickaroo can follow how the user uses links in the livecasts within our services as well as the forwarding of livecasts by users and third parties. We do so as to improve our services and for the benefit of collecting statistics, for example how often a link has been clicked. This serves as information for the reporter.

Like many other websites, Tickaroo uses “cookie” technology in order to collect additional usage data for the improvement of the website, as well as other Tickaroo-provided services. For many functions Tickaroo does not require any cookies. For example, anybody can go on Tickaroo and search, or view public user profiles or lists. A cookie is a small file that is transferred to the user’s computer’s hard drive. Tickaroo uses a combination of single-use cookies as well as persistent cookies. This helps to produce a better overview of the activities between the user and the services as well as the general data traffic and the complete usage of the services by the user, in order to supervise and improve Tickaroo’s services. Cookies are usually automatically accepted by most browsers. Users can change their browser settings in order to completely deactivate cookies or they can set their browser to display a prompt before the browser accepts a new cookie.

Services from third party providers:
Tickaroo’s offerings include services from third party providers. Google Analytics helps us to determine how our services are being used. These providers can collect information which are part of the web browser and mobile requests as sent by the user.

Google Analytics:
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytic service of Google Inc (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, a small data file, that is saved to your computer and enables an analysis of your use of the website. The information of your use of the website provided by these cookies (including your IP address) is transferred to a server from Google in the USA and is saved there. Google uses this information in order to evaluate your use of the website, to create reports about the website activity for the website administrators, and with the website and internet use, to render further bundled services. Google may also share this information with third parties, provided that it is required by law or if the third party is processing this data in the employment of Google. Google will not connect your IP address with other data from Google. You can hinder the installation of cookies through the corresponding settings on your browser software. However, please note that should you do this, not all functions of this website will be available for you to use. Through the use of this website, you declare your agreement to the processing of data collected through Google in the above-mentioned ways and manner and confirm your agreement to these uses.

The Circulatoin of Data and Data Disclosure

We do not disclose or release our users’ private information, except in the rare cases mentioned here:

We are permitted to share or disclose user data with his or her express consent. For example, when he or she uses a third-party program or application that requires access to his or her Tickaroo Account.

Believed violation of rights:
We are permitted to save or disclose user data, in the case that we believe that it is absolutely necessary in order to fulfil laws, regulations or legal requests, to ensure the safety of the people, to combat fraud, to arbitrate safety or technical issues, or to protect the rights and property of Tickaroo.

Company Transfer:
In the case of a merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, or in the case of bankruptcy, Tickaroo is authorized to sell or transfer the personal data of their users. The guidelines of use for this user data remain intact according to this data privacy policy.

Non-private and non-personal data:
Tickaroo is authorized to transfer and reveal non-private data or non-personal data of users. For example, public livecasts or the number of users who clicked on a specific link (even in the case that the link was clicked on by only one person).

Policy towards Children

This website is not made for individuals under the age of 16. If parents or guardians believe that their child published personal data on Tickaroo without their consent, they may contact us via directsupport@tickaroo.com. Tickaroo deliberately does not collect personal information from children under the age of 16. Should we find out that a child under the age of 16 gave their personal information to us, we will delete this information and the account as soon as possible.


We will be revising this data privacy policy from time to time. The most current version of this declaration manages the use of personal information and is always available at www.tickaroo.com. Should we make significant changes to this declaration, the user will be notified via email. With the continued use of our services after the changes are taken into effect, the user thereby agrees to the updated terms of the data privacy policy.

Right of Revocation

You have the right to redact your previously given consent at a future date according to Art. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO.

Right of Objection

You may object at any time to future processing of your affected data in accordance with Art. 21 of DSGVO. The objection can especially be entered against the processing of data for the purposes of direct advertising.

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