Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel

Together with Tickaroo Live Blog, Der Spiegel constantly surpasses their goal of providing the best possible live content updates to their readers. The easy-to-use liveblog software and its speedy integration via JS embed widgets, allows their editors and reporters to concentrate on what is important: the story.

Before the morning can even start, “Der Morgen”, a mobile-friendly daily news blog, helps prepare readers for the day ahead by presenting them with a detailed compilation of the top news stories. Particularly popular over the weekend, the Conference Template is the veritable one-stop-shop for Bundesliga soccer scores and detailed updates. Throughout the year liveblogs of selected top sporting events, from Wimbledon and the French Open to the International Ice Hockey World Championship, keep fans informed in real-time, no matter where in the world the matches are taking place. With countless other news liveblogs to be found on Der Spiegel, usability, for the editorial staff as well as readers, is of the utmost importance.

Tickaroo’s reporter-friendly liveblog tool is not just simple to use but is also effortless for editors from different departments to master. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, several journalists contributed to the informative and entertaining liveblogs from the main office in Hamburg or from live on location with the help of the multi-reporter function. The team was also able to easily integrate pictures or videos from third party content providers such as Getty Images and include social media content via a built-in social search as well as drag and drop. Just like the Olympics, the series of accompanying liveblogs from Der Spiegel proved to be very popular with users. Due to significant online interest, especially during key sporting events like hockey and biathlon, the editorial staff could keep focusing on content creation thanks to scalable high performance software and round-the-clock automated monitoring.

Der Spiegel, a highly respected and widely read news publication that has an international reputation for its journalism, is also one of the most visited news sites in Germany. With over 200 million monthly visits, it is clear that the emphasis that Der Spiegel’s editorial staff place on relevant and timely news updates, as well as important political current affairs, resonates strongly with its readers. Whether it is a large-scale event like the Olympics, a planned news blog about Brexit or the latest breaking news, Der Spiegel counts on Tickaroo Live Blog to always provide them with the new standard in live content technology.

Der Spiegel trusts Tickaroo technology

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