Recent Changes

New feature: Show Web Embeds

It is now possible to control the web embed rendering. To comply with data protection restrictions you can set showWebEmbeds to consent_handling or custom_consent_handling and web embeds are rendered with a preview unless the user gives consent.

Updated Pushsservice SDKs

The Documentation for Pushservice iOS and Android SDKs has been updated for iOS10 Features and FCM.

New feature: Custom Templates

It is now possible to create custom templates. With custom templates you can create tags in tag individual messages within your liveblog. These tags can than be used to apply new styles to your liveblog entry or to filter the liveblog.

New Option: Set the option showNavigation to event_tag_filter to enable a tag filter in the liveblog. More information in the reference

New feature: handleWebEmbeds

Added a new function handleWebEmbeds(options) to handle web embeds. More information in the reference

New style: v2

Added the new style v2. This has all the v1 styling and scales image and video content instead of cropping it.

New Feature: event scoreboard team icons

From the reference:

  • showTeamIcons (Boolean) Will display team icons in the scoreboard if provided (team->image) (default: false)

New Style: imagegrid

The new style imagegrid is particularly suitable for image and video heavy tickers. It presents all media content in great-looking grids. To activate it just set the style: 'imagegrid' option in your embedTicker call.

Deprecated Style: default

In the future, everyone should hardcode a specific style (currently v1). If we add breaking style changes or add new elementes, we will increase the version. The default style automatically chosen if nothing is selected is deprecated as of now.

Improved Feature: coalesceRepeatedMeta

When coalesceRepeatedMeta is active, hidden elements take this css class ticker-event-item-meta-reporter-hidden which you can use to modify how they look. for example:

.tickaroo-ticker .ticker-event-item-meta-reporter-hidden {
  display: none;

New Feature: eventId

Optional eventId to navigate to on ticker load. Check the docs.

New Feature: Coalesce (group) reporter successive meta images

From the reference:

  • coalesceRepeatedMeta (Boolean) decides wether to show or hide the reporter’s image in successive messages for a grouping effect. (default: false) (showEventMeta must be set to either reporter or all for this setting to have any effect)

Breaking Change: loadMore

ALL custom loadmore functionality was removed, now it’s handled automatically

  • options.handleLoadMore: has no effect
  • loadMore(): has no effect (for backward-compatibility reasons the function exists but logs a console error)
  • hasMore: the variable is removed

new method overrideOptions(options) to change the current ticker options Note: calling the method will destroy the ticker completely then immediately create a new one using the old ticker options with the new options merged to it please check the documentation for more details and code samples

New Feature: Slideshow

EmbedJS now delivers a great looking slideshow for your content by default. The handleMedia option still allows to control media delivery. Possible values are now:

  • auto (default): Automatically tries to find the best possible experience
  • rooverlay: Forces the new slideshow behaviour
  • inline: Forces the old behaviour, which displays media files inline in the ticker
  • off: Doesn’t handle media objects at all (e.g. no playable videos)

New Feature: Headlines in Sports

Headlines will appear in between phases of liveblogs equivalent to the presentation on For example there will be a headline for every Period in Icehockey.

Note: This feature is currently only visible in the v1 style not the default style.

New Feature: Custom Ads

Note: This feature must be activated by Tickaroo!

It is possible to insert custom Ads into the ticker via the customAdCallback callback.

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