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Tickaroo's liveblog software supports RP Online in meeting its journalistic demands and offering relevant news to its users on its media channels. Always a reliable partner, Tickaroo provides state-of-the-art live content technologies that is perfect for any and all live event coverage, which is especially useful for major sporting events or carnivals. Thanks to event-specific templates, the information can be shared with online readers in real time directly from on location.

Via its liveblog “Fohlenfutter”, RP Online informs fans from far and wide with news about the German Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach. Together with Tickaroo’s liveblog software RP Online keeps the fan community up to date with the most important club news. In addition to match results, club and player information, and match day summaries, there are countless images and videos integrated into the livecast so as to ensure a close-up user experience.

Liveblogging Carnival

It is widely accepted that Carnival is the fifth season of the year in the Rhineland. The Rose Monday parade alone attracts over a million people to Düsseldorf. This is an annual highlight for everyone in the region and for local media such as RP Online, Carnival doesn’t just mean colourful costumes, loud brass bands and impressive floats – it also means that only the best live software can be trusted. Thanks to the use of the Tickaroo’s failsafe liveblog technology, reporters can focus on the story and online users can participate live and up close in the festivities.

The simple and intuitive drag and drop function offers the professional reporters at RP Online a quick way to integrate images and videos. Using a JavaScript widget, Tickaroo offers an additional function for creating an image gallery or an Image Grid. Images can be displayed, arranged and moved with minimal effort.

In addition to the simple integration of visual content into the liveblog, the various publishing features allow individual posts to be marked as “important”. A post can be highlighted or even fixed with the sticky feature directly at the top of the blog and always displayed first. If a blog post is marked as a milestone, it is highlighted in colour and a clickable headline is presented at the beginning of the blog. By clicking on the title, the reader is brought to the exact post that was marked, however far back in the blog it is. An important feature, especially for a big event like Carnival, RP Online is able to highlight important information for its readers.

Thanks to the user-friendly liveblog software, RP Online can easily integrate social media content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into the liveblog and share even more impressions of the carnival with its users. Through the multimedia integration of various social media channels, visitors or even readers are able to directly become part of the narrative by having content included in the RP Online Live Blog.

With more than 32 million monthly views, Rheinische Post is today one of the best-known media brands in the Rhineland and stands out for its cross-channel media offering. More than 290 editors from the Rhineland report on topics that move the region, nation, and world.

RP Online trusts Tickaroo’s live blog technology

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