Schalke 04

A screenshot with push notifications for Schalke 04.
Tickaroo's push service delivers

Tickaroo's push service specializes in high traffic, and is completely scalable, reliable, and fast. It's perfect for situations where seconds matter. Tickaroo enables push messages to be delivered as fast as if users were watching live. This is especially helpful for soccer clubs like FC Schalke 04 since they thrive on timeliness and speed – serving their fanbase is among their top priorities.

With Tickaroo as a dependable push notification service partner, Schalke 04 is able to rely on the powerful pushes for their apps. The push service is available for iOS and Android, thereby covering the most popular operating systems and reaching countless fans. For optimal control of the generated push content, Tickaroo offers real-time statistical data and detailed analysis of user behavior.

Sending sports pushes for Schalke 04

Schalke 04 uses Tickaroo's powerful push notifications every day – informing their fans about match highlights, team news, and announcements from important press conferences. Every game and team announcement is relevant to fans. With push notifications, Schalke 04 ensures that their fans are staying up to date with the latest information. To ensure that the push function always works perfectly, Schalke 04 relies on Tickaroo's fail-safe push solution.

Not only is Tickaroo Live Push the fastest sport push platform in Germany, but the integration of the service into native apps is also quick and uncomplicated. The push service is scalable for any number of fans. Thus, Tickaroo offers a cost-effective feature that helps Schalke 04 reach its fans in the best way possible - via their smartphones.

The soccer club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V., Schalke 04, is the second largest German sports club. Founded in May 1904, they have won multiple German championships and is one of the country's most successful soccer clubs. In addition to soccer, Schalke 04 also maintains divisions for basketball, soccer for the blind, e-sports, handball, athletics, refereeing and tabletennis. Their own S04 app has over 100,000 Google Play downloads.

Schalke 04 trusts Tickaroo technology

Our push service is made for content experts

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