This API does supports all features of the new Editor V2, but does not have all the functionallity of V5. Please refer to V5 for Liveblog operations not available in V6.


Load Liveblog Contents for Presenting

This feed is cached, updates may be delayed by several seconds!

Request: GET /api/v6/ticker/show.json

Query Parameters:

  • id: (String, required) The integration ID of this liveblog
  • limit: (Integer) Limit the number of returned events in the event list (1-1000, default 20)
  • refresh: (Integer) For polling, specifies the last known version number, response will only include new/updated events since that version
  • continue_event_id: (String) For pagination, specifies the last event id in the previous response
  • include_continue_event: (true/false, default: false) For pagination, should the event specified by continue_event_id itself be included in the response
  • reverse: (true/false) Reverse sorting of events
  • tags: (String, Comma separated) Include only events matching the specified tag ids
  • highlights: (String, Comman separated) Include only highlight events of specified types: inplace, sticky, stickyNoHighlight or milestone
  • include_milestone_events: (true/false, default: false) Include all events for milestone display in the response

Respones Object:

  "_type": "Tik::Model::Api::GameShowResponse",
  // Liveblog/Game Object with limited event list
  // All events in this object are only abbreviated
  "game": {}
  // Full events
  "events": []

Why are full events separated from the game?

The game includes references to events that should be displayed in the correct order after applying filters and limit. The events field may contain additional events for display of milestones and other edge cases.

Polling for changes

This feed is cached, updates may be delayed by several seconds!

To poll for changes set the refresh parameter to the value of the version field in the previous game you received. The game.event list will only include events updated since that version. Filter like reverse and tags still apply.

When refresh is set, the API will also return deleted and unpublished events if the version field indicates a change after your last poll. You have to check the local_status field accordingly and remove those events from display.


Pagination works by supplying a continue_event_id. Set it to the last event ID in the previous game you received. To check if you are on the last page, compare the ID of the last event you received, to the game.summary.last_event.local_id (or if you use reverse you have to use first_event). If you need a total count of events you can use game.summary.event_cnt.