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We want to revolutionize how you share your live news. Cutting-edge digital reporting software puts the focus on your live storytelling.
Over 72,000 journalists and live reporters rely on Germany's market leader for liveblog software
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What is Tickaroo?

Tickaroo is a live blogging and video platform that enables media houses and businesses to create immersive live content stories and better engage with audiences.

A professional-grade solution that is easy to implement and even easier to use, reporters and editors count on Tickaroo’s digital publishing software to share their live news updates in real time.


High-Performance Technology

Tickaroo’s digital reporting software is built to withstand the high demands of any newsroom or sports game and our live content platform has 24/7 automated monitoring. We are proud to support media houses, editors, and clubs by providing scalable and reliable live content technology that is built around a strong user experience.

Easy-to-Use Tools

Quick to master and easy to integrate – we believe that our technology should be the most straight-forward part of your day. Easily embed liveblogs into your websites or native app, share the links across your social platforms, monetise your content, and benefit from increased reach and retention rates.

Live News in Real Time

Whether you’re reporting solo or as part of a team, mobile or from the newsroom, you have all the tools at hand to publish your updates, live. Quickly edit, add live video content or on-point social media posts – nothing is holding you back!

Professional liveblogging

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