The API is not part of the default Tickaroo LIVEBLOG plan. Please contact our support if you want to use it.


Tickaroo will Provide you with an client_id and client_secret that allows you to access resources within your organization directly.

Authentication to the API is either performed via HTTP Basic Auth or via query parameters.

For basic auth, use the client_id as the basic auth username and the client_secret as the basic auth password and encode them as usual.

For query parameters just add the client_id and client_secret to your query and set them to the corresponding values.

JWT login

Log in a user via jwt.

The fields need to be set in the JWT Payload:

  "sub": "TheUserId",
  "name": "username",
  "email": "user@company.com"

Return value: Tik::ApiModel::RegisteredUser

Request: POST /api/v5/session/jwt.json

Query Parameters: (none)

Post Document:

  // the users organization_id
  "organization_id": "OrganizationId",

  "jwt": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJUaGVVc2VySWQiLCJuYW1lIjoiVXNlciBOYW1lIiwiZW1haWwiOiJ1c2VyQGNvbXBhbnkuY29tIn0.rJ7MFLxEMq9OpJLLDr28aLRUIQtJmKNfhX-ygwUuDmA"

Success Response: Tik::ApiModel::RegisteredUser Object

    "_type": "Tik::ApiModel::RegisteredUser",
    "_id": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa",
    "username": "User Name",
    "email": "user@company.com",
    "ext_id": "OrganizationId.TheUserId",
    "image": {
        "_type": "Tik::ApiModel::Image",
        "image_url": "tik-iconpack://icon_profile_user_gray.svg"
    "status": "external",
    "auth": {
        "_type": "Tik::ApiModel::UserAuthInfo",
        "access_token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "token_type": "Bearer",
        "expires_in": 2672946,
        "refresh_token": "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
    "has_ticker": true,
    "is_admin": false,
    "is_pro_user": true