Embed a Liveblog

In any case our script has to be included in the page head

<script async src="https://cdn.tickaroo.com/webng/embedjs/tik4.js"></script>

Embed a Liveblog

Add the following tag to embed a raw liveblog

<tickaroo-liveblog liveblogId="LIVEBLOG_ID" clientId="CLIENT_ID" />

You have to replace LIVEBLOG_ID and CLIENT_ID with your IDs accordingly.

Embed a Liveblog and use a Theme

Add the following tag to embed a liveblog and manage styles via a theme

<tickaroo-liveblog liveblogId="LIVEBLOG_ID" themeId="THEME_ID" clientId="CLIENT_ID"/>

You have to replace LIVEBLOG_ID, THEME_ID and CLIENT_ID with your IDs accordingly. With themes, visual settings can be managed in Pro.

Optional: Prevent Flash of Unstyled Content

Our script adds CSS automatically, but for a better user expierence it is recommended that you add our CSS in the <head> of your HTML documents:

<link rel="stylesheet" type = "text/css" href="https://cdn.tickaroo.com/webng/embedjs/tik4.css">

Next Steps

You can further customize your liveblogs by creating themes in Pro (Settings -> Widgets) and/or by directly setting parameters of the tickaroo-liveblog tag. Tag parameters will always override theme settings.