Data protection

The Tickaroo Embed Version 3 is deprecated for all use cases, except for some sport templates. We strongly encourage using V4. V3 will not receive any new features of the News Editor V2! If you do not see the new sport templates in your account or require a specific sports type, kindly reach out to us for assistance.

What kind of data do we save?

  • Accesses (IP Addresses, Date, Time, URL)
  • Random Token

Why do we save the data?

With this data we create anonymous call statistics and protect our infrastructure (e.g. against DDoS attacks). The call statistics are created using a random token generated on the client side and aggregated on the server side. Assignment to individual users is not possible afterwards.

To protect the infrastructure, the IP address, the page accessed and the time stamp are saved. Deletion takes place after four weeks at the latest.

Who is affected?

Users reading the liveblog


  • Name: tika
  • Content: Randomly generated token
  • Purpose: Creation of anonymous statistics (retention, unique users)
  • Expires after 1 year