Integrating and initializing the SDK

Add Maven repository

to your project and


to the dependencies of your app.

For using the TickarooSDK, you have to initialize it with a TickarooSDK.Builder.
With TickarooSDK.Builder.addModule() you can choose which modules to use. For Android there are two modules available at the moment:

Read Module

This is a module to integrate Tickaroo tickers into your app. To use it, you have to add


to your dependencies. See Display a Liveblog for more information.

Videoclips Module

This is a module to integrate Tickaroo Videoclips mode. Its dependency is


See Record videos into a Liveblog.


The Context used for initialization needs to be one of your classes, e.g. an Activity or your subclass of Application. If you don’t have your own Application class, .getApplicationContext() is not suitable for TickarooSDK. For further information see in the JavaDoc. Don’t worry, we won’t save it. We just need it once.

Example initialization

if (!TickarooSDK.isInitialized()) {
  TickarooSDK.Builder builder = new TickarooSDK.Builder();
      .setDelegate(new SampleDelegate())
      .setApiAppName("Tickaroo SDK Sample")
  • SampleDelegate: see Handling of Links and Tracking
  • ApiAppName: this will end up in the User-Agent HTTP header for logging and debugging.