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Access to official, fact-based information is more important than ever because of the current corona crisis.

We provide communities with reliable and professional digital information tools that make real-time communication in the digital age efficient and trustworthy.

Set up and integrate a liveblog within minutes – without any technical background knowledge.

Official Reports

Live Updates

News goes viral faster than facts can be verified. Counteract fake news quickly and easily – share trusted updates directly with your citizens.

Publish live information about how the corona crisis is impacting your community. Offer official and up-to-date news updates with a regional focus to keep your citizens safe, healthy, and informed. Share information when it matters most – in real-time:

  • Local and national public health and safety measures
  • Community initiatives
  • Emergency and informational hotline numbers
  • Breaking news
  • Opening hours of relevant institutions and shops
  • Information and updates on economic aid

With our liveblog technology all of these updates and more can be easily and securely shared with your community.

Screenshot Official reports

Communication Via All Channels

Your official liveblog is optimized so that it can be integrated quickly and easily into any website. Share the link for the finished liveblog page on your website and also on all your social channels. Benefit from:

  • Community-friendly and speedy integration without technical background knowledge
  • User-friendly interface – even for teams or departments working from home
  • Multimedia integration including video clips for official addresses to your citizens
  • Embedding of official information, including from social media channels (e.g. Agentur für Arbeit, RKI, Federal Government)
  • Use the community as a multiplier for the dissemination of your official messages on social media
Screenshot Communication via all channels
Trustworthy Technology

Made in Germany

Our Regensburg-based team is dedicated to providing high-quality digital publishing tools that help communities share live news. Therefore, we place the utmost importance on the highest technological standards and data security.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Hosting in the EU on ISO certified servers
  • Immediate provision of an AVV
  • Redundant system with automated monitoring 24/7
  • Scalable system for all audience sizes
  • Solid and reliable platform for digital publishing

Access to valid information should be a fundamental right, especially now.

Screenshot Trustworthy Technology

Prices & Packages

Professional liveblog software when you and your citizens need it most. Perfect for one-time or rare events.

Try the Community Live Blog for 14 days free of charge, no credit card required.

On Demand

69€ */ Liveblog
  • 1 News Template
  • Liveblogs **
  • 1 Reporter
  • 1 Admin
  • Hosting & Traffic ***
  • Live Blog Link Integration
  • 1 Domain
  • Email support during office hours
  • Free of Advertising
  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Social Search included
* plus applicable taxes
** A liveblog event can last a maximum of four weeks
*** Traffic over 500 GB/month is charged separately at 0,095 €/GB


  • How does the integration on my website work?
    In order to integrate Community Live Blog, you can generate a link after registering with Tickaroo Live Blog. You can then easily post this link on your own website, even without any technical background knowledge.
  • Do I have any obligations?
    During the free 14-day trial period, you do not need to enter any payment details and you are not obliged to sign up for a paid package afterwards.
  • Is Tickaroo compliant with data protection?
    The Community Live Blog will be integrated into your website or social platform as a link to an external site. This makes us the responsible authority for your users' data in terms of GDPR. All relevant information can be found in our privacy policy. There is the optional possibility of concluding a contract processing agreement (AVV). This is advisable for the administration of reporters or if you do not want to mark the blog as an external site, i.e. the user does not "notice" that he has left your offer. In this case, we are considered to be a contract processor within the meaning of GDPR. Here you can find our technical-organisational measures (PDF) as well as a list of our subcontracted processors (PDF). Additionally, you have the possibility that external content such as YouTube videos or tweets are only displayed in the municipal blog if the user expressly agrees to this. In this way we prevent data from being transferred to third parties unintentionally or without consent.

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