Liveblog Data protection

What kind of data do we save?

  • Accesses Logs (IP Addresses, Date, Time, URL)
  • Anonymous Analytics Data (Clicks, Page Loads, Data Fetches, Timing data, random unique token)
  • Optional when using the comments feature: IP adresses and user IDs and user names

Why do we save the data?

Access Logs

Access logs are created for IT security purposes and protect our infrastructure (e.g. against DDoS attacks)

To protect the infrastructure, the IP address, the page accessed and the time stamp are saved. Deletion takes place after four weeks at the latest.

IP Addresses are deleted after one month

Liveblog Analytics Data

With this data we create anonymous statistics for our liveblog customers. Unique user and retention statistics are created using a random token generated on the client side and aggregated on the server side. Assignment to individual users is not possible afterwards.

Optional: Comments Feature

For every post the IP address of the user is stored for the following purposes:

  • Rate Limiting
  • Spam Scoring (is not sent to third party!)
  • User Blocking

IP addresses are deleted after 30 Days

Optional: Comments Feature with Custom Authentication

For every post the user id and name provided by the customer website are stored, to be displayed and to be used by comment moderators.

Who is affected?

Users reading the liveblog or creating comments

Local Storage Entries (“Cookies”)

By default, we store information on the endusers computer for two different purposes:

  • analytics
  • functional

Both purposes can be disabled via the useCookies parameter.

The following example embed will not save the users consent choice (browser refresh will reset it):

<tickaroo-liveblog liveblogId="5f47bdba2a03d3abfab3c607" 
                   clientId="5c99e3358dce8c729e697547" ></tickaroo-liveblog>

Note: From a technical standpoint the embed does not use cookies, only local storage entries.

List of Local Storage Entries (“Cookies”)

tickaroo-tika (Purpose: analytics)

Randomly generated token for creation of anonymous statistics (retention, unique users). Will be created when the tickaroo embed script tracks analytics data to tickaroo.

tickaroo-embedconsent (Purpose: functional)

Created when a user gives consent to display content from a certain external provider (such as twitter).

tickaroo-comments-author (Purpose: functional)

Comments feature stores the username entered, so the user does not have to reenter it next time. This is a convenience feature for Users.