Liveblog Tag Events

The embed fires custom DOM events.


<script async src=""></script>
<tickaroo-liveblog id="my-liveblog" liveblogId="LIVEBLOG_ID" clientId="CLIENT_ID"></tickaroo-liveblog>

  document.findElementById('my-liveblog').addEventListener('tickarooLiveblogTracking', function(event) {
    console.log("Tracking Event " + event.detail.t);

Events are:


is fired when a liveblog component has been initialized


is fired for various actions that can be used for analytics and tracking purposes

The event details will contain the type of event accessible via event.detail.t. Currently the following types are supported:

The following events give information about data being loaded:

  • l_err Error loading data
  • l_ini Data completely replacing the current liveblog page has been loaded
  • l_mor Data for a “load more” loaded
  • l_rfs Data for Autorefresh loaded

The following events give information about countable page views

  • t_ini Liveblog has been initialized for the first time
  • t_mor User clicked more
  • t_upd User clicked apply updates
  • t_tag User clicked on a tag filter
  • t_mil User clicked a milestone
  • s_opn User opened the slidehsow
  • s_mvd User clicked/swiped through slidehsow

More events might be added in the future. Implementers should ignore unknown event types.