Global tik4 Object

Getting a Reference to the Global tik4 Object

The global tik4 object is only available after the Tickaroo script tag has been evaluated by the browser. A DOM Event on window is fired when it’s initialized.

Before using it, you have to check for it’s existance. If it does not exist, wait for the event, as shown by this example:

function runMyCode() {

if(window.tik4) {
} else {
  window.addEventListener("tickarooInit", runMyCode)

Available Methods

SSO Methods


See Enduser SSO for more details.


See Enduser SSO for more details.

setTriggerLoginFunction(callback: () => void)

See Enduser SSO for more details.

Available Constructors

ScheduledAdManager(start: number, interval: number, html: string)

See Inline Ads for more details.