Upgrade your v3 Widgets to v4

Update your liveblog tags

Replace your existing code with the new v4 widget code

  <!-- v3 Code -->
    e[i].l=1*new Date;s=t.createElement(n),o=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0];s.async=1;
    _tik("embedLiveblog", {
      container: "#tickaroo-liveblog", 
      clientId: "CLIENT_ID",
      id: "LIVEBLOG_ID"

  <!-- v4 Code -->
  <script async src="https://cdn.tickaroo.com/webng/embedjs/tik4.js"></script>
  <tickaroo-liveblog liveblogId="LIVEBLOG_ID" clientId="CLIENT_ID" />

All options that are currently supported can be found here.

Custom tracking (e.g. IVW)

We replaced the trackingCallback option with tag events.

This is now our default behavior.

Our new default behavior for consent handling is the former option "showWebEmbed": "consent_handling" (Integrated consent handling). If you want to change this behavior you can find more information here.

Deprecated or replaced options

  • container: not needed anymore, just use the tickaroo-liveblog tag
  • eventId: TODO
  • showHighlights: hide with css if not wanted
  • loadMoreLimit: we do not distinguish between limit and loadMoreLimit anymore
  • handleScoreboard: sport templates are not yet supported
  • refreshInterval: not supported anymore
  • coalesceRepeatedMeta: not supported anymore
  • showLineup: sport templates are not yet supported
  • trackingCallback: replaced by new tag events
  • customAdCallback: not supported anymore
  • webEmbedConsentCallback: replaced by webEmbedDefaultConstraint and webEmbedConstraints
  • webEmbedConsentUpdateCallback: replaced by webEmbedDefaultConstraint and webEmbedConstraints
  • itemDOMPostProcessor: not supported anymore
  • imageWidth: replaced with img srcset
  • rooverlay: TODO
  • showTeamIcons: sport templates are not yet supported
  • whitelistedScoreboardAffiliations: sport templates are not yet supported
  • blacklistedScoreboardAffiliations: sport templates are not yet supported

Update your styles

We have created the HTML structure for our new Embed V4 widgets from scratch. If you have customized your liveblogs with custom CSS, it needs to be updated.

The good news is that the new widgets already bring a lot of styles like card layout, timeline and masonry layout.

You can learn more here:

Update your seo/prefetch integration

For the new widget version there are new prefetch endpoints, the details can be found at the following link: SEO and Server Side Fetch

Update your amp integration

Iframe: AMP via iFrame

Server Side Fetch: AMP via Server Side Fetch

Check sport compability

Ensure to use our new sport templates for sport coverage. More information can be found here.