Upgrading to Embed V4

With Embed V3 we defined as little CSS styles as possible, expecting the client to do all neccessary adjustments in order to make their liveblogs look good. Over time we have learned that this approach was not optimal for our clients needs.

Therefore our new approach is to provide predefined styles which allow easy customization regarding the appearance of your liveblogs. This resulted in our new feature called “themes”. Themes allow you to easily adjust the layout, colors and many other options for your liveblogs.

Bad News

Unfortunately, this comes with some bad news: CSS class names and HTML structure has been rebuilt from scratch. This means you will not be able to easily upgrade your exisiting styles to Embed V4.

Good News

But lets jump to the good news:

  • New HTML structure has become much more flexible
  • Liveblogs are looking great from scratch
  • Themes already bring a lot of styles like card layout, timeline and masonry layout
  • Themes will help you to quickly set most important settings and customize your liveblogs
  • CSS classes follow BEM naming convention
  • Use of CSS variables makes it easier to customize your liveblogs
  • Better use of semantic HTML5 tags
  • Improved implementation of WCAG standards

How to start with Embed V4

We recommend starting to use Themes to customize the appearance of your liveblogs.

  1. On your Pro Dashboard simply use the new themes shortcut or navigate to “integration” under your organization settings.
  2. Click on “Edit themes”. Now you can edit the default theme or add new themes to you organization.

In case you need further customization, use the additional feature “CSS styles” which can also be found in the same place.

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